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Monday, January 29, 2007

today,i felt pretty glum all the way, mayb becos of weiqi's passing, mayb becos of lack of food in my stomach. not that i skipped any meals, i just didnt feel full... and psls got called out of class durin the second last block, for a sharing session to help us cope with weiqi's sudden death. didnt shed much tears, cried it all out yesterday at her wake. it was really sad, i just started crying when i saw her picture. always smiling and so cheerful. amazing how such a little person can hold so much pain all to herself and still stay optimistic. like nora said, the orientation song is pretty apt, "for one so small, you seem so strong". well i hope she's happy up there in heaven, and that her family, particularly her sister, won't grieve so much.
after that we went back for last lesson, math. finally, i feel as though i understand what's going on...

i sacrificed so much for you, for SYF. so you better do me justice. missing ODAC for Ringers. missing LFS for Ringers. and now, a wasted opportunity. could have been in the HCI SLC organizing committee. an opportunity not given to many. mayb it's not entirely your fault, should have told them that i wasn't going for ODAC ): now i wont ever get this opportunity again ):

- i think RGS is all about opportunities and how you grab them. and how you showcase your talent. and i think RGS is also about biasness.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i hope she read Harry Potter before she passed on. cos there's a line in the first book, which i think is quite true. "...death is but the next great adventure." - Dumbledore. no one knows what it's like after you die. according to different religions, different things happen to you after you die. to me, as a catholic, i believe that the good will go to heaven, the bad to hell. if you're not that good and not that bad, you go to purgotary(dno spelling) where you will stay there to repent?(not sure of facts><) and one day, eventually, you'll go to heaven. what it is like in heaven, i do not know. i just hope that she'll go to heaven, and that she'll be happy there. i just want her to know, that although i didn't have the opportunity to know her well, i think she's really cute and i hope that she passed on without any regrets.
-please pray for wei qi, a dear little JPSL sunshine
yay, ytd after ringers went for climbing! i was rushin out of ringers room that i left my climbing shoes there :/ and had to run bac to get it, and when i reached mini-amphi there, mr tan was nearly driving off >< andrea, weili and siling took a ride too! the way mr tan drives is really scary, when someone is talkin to him on the phone or otherwise. he doesnt look at the road and his hands move off the steering wheel...
anyway, climbing at Yishun SAFRA was fun, although we only did bouldering... mel and gerry were setting the routes for acjc climbing club, which apparently, is knew, and whom mr tan is coaching and mel and gerry, co-coaching... so, potential competitors then. they used the first floor of the bouldering gym, and rgs odac got to use the 2nd floor. there was this really freaky route which stretched all round the gym, like one big circle. no 1 to 30+... i couldnt get past 12/13... then there was this pink route which i din see where it ended, i couldnt get past 11/12... but either way, it was really fun... such a long time since i climbed! yay, next week still can go climbing... and next sat is LFS! good luck to ODACians particpating in LFS:D
i was just walking back from math tuition, and i was really sleepy and tired, so i walked really slowly, took me more than half an hour to walk from 1 side of tanah merah mrt to the other... i usually take just 15 min, and there was once i took less than 10 mins... anyway, i was thinkin as i walked back, singaporeans really have no life... think about it, do u know anyone, of have u ever taken a walk in the park just for the sake of doin it? or gone to the beach just to see the waves crash to shore? people who walk in the park, most likely do it for health reasons, and after they finish their exercise, they'll leave. likewise for going to the beach. everyone just rushed here and there... when i was walking, everyone walked past me... walking really fast, like how i usually do... mayb it's cos they're busy, or because they want ppl to think they're busy...
i've been feeling quite exausted since ytd.. mayb it's cos it's the first week of proper proper school, and i've exausted all my highness during orientation and obs and the first week of proper school. either way, i hope i'll recover by next week. i wonder, should saturdays be used for catching up on your sleep, or for catching up on your work?
oh and i still haven't decided whether to join congress or not... i tot i would, but in light of new knowledge, maybe not... there are better opportunities out there, perhaps.
-going off to do hw, study and sleep.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

wheee!! i get to go for March expedition!! it's a SAILING EXPEDITION! whooops:D i tot i couldnt go... well now it's 3 days of mar hols taken up. still have psl convention and ringers camp. i was thinkin of goin for the tioman bio trip, but i think not now... and i think i shan't go for wep in june... maybe try out for dec... cos june got ODAC expedition, CLIMBING CAVES!! and, if hopefully i get in, OSL... i really want to get into OSL... and now, i'm thinking, should i join congress? maybe not... there's still next year, i guess, if i'm not a spsl... well anyway, yay, MARCH EXPEDITION!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i just thought, thank goodness i'm not in ncc(land). imagine if i were, i'd be staying back after school on mon, tues, wed and thu. plus if i want to join osl and wep... well i'm just glad i'm in ringers for now. and i do want to join osl and wep. and go for the geog field trip to NEW ZEALAND. and go for ODAC expedition. hmph. i need more time and more memory space. can someone please upgrade my brain? i need to memorise my ringers SYF scores by 15 feb, constantly practice my piano so i wont like, de-prove, revise everything we learn in school so i will be able to understand, do my homework. and it's just first month! maybe things will improve as days go by. and i do hope i have time in june hols. so many things i want to do then. geog field trip, wep, odac expedition... sec 3 is the year of sleep-deprivation and gastric. >< school food sucks. and i'm feeling utterly random. ): got chi hw to do. shall go do now.

Friday, January 19, 2007

yay! back from OBS (: but though i missed my FAMILY and SHOWER and BED and everything else that comes with civilisation, i do miss OBS. given the choice, i would go back again. perhaps in JC. that's wat my instructor did. our watch, LIVINGSTON(E) has a cool cheer, which is dedicated to our dearest instructor (SO)BIRIN:
Livingstone are you ready?
Livingstone ready, livingstone SING!
[the above 2 lines were from the trust fall game]
whoooo... lives in a tent on Pulao Ubin?
who debates with Birin over everything?
[haha, he said we argued back a lot, me and eliz]
who found the check point but walked right past it?
[it was damn dumb, cos the check point was near the grave stone, and we saw it, but were too freaked to go near it ><]
who flew the fox with such great speed?
[livingstone and magellan were the only 2 watches from mobile to do flying fox xD]
haha, and plenty of thanks to my great watchmates:
Melody SZE! sama surname as me:D thanks for being so nice and getting me high on the last night of OBS!! hope to see you around sch:D
Elizabeth! for always being so rational and amusing us when you argue with Birin, haha:D
Geneve! for carrying the pot for us:D your bag so heavy lehh. and for being so nice as to wake up early in the morning to do sanctuary duty with us:D with the CNB people, haha!
Yu Yue! though i didnt talk much to you during OBS, i think you're really nice:D hope you enjoyed your time in OBS with me and that i didnt ruin it:D
Joon Ting! you know, i think i know more abt you during the 5 days of OBS than in that one year i spent with you in 106 xD haha, thanks for "ren"ing my highness on the last night, it's mel's fault!
Jiawen! although you left the camp early, haha, i think i also know more abt you durin the 3 days then in the whole 6 years when i was in the same primary sch as you, heh :D
and that's all for the GEP/RA ppl! now for my own class:D
Nissa! for being so nice as to carry the pot, extra poncho and trash bag during the last trek! and being so cute:D
Wang qi! although i didnt really quite understand you, i hope you enjoyed yourself, and you're really a fast walker, i dont think you'll fail your NAPFA:D
Eunice! haha, thanks for helping a lot during store clean-up, washing the backpacks(with all the ants><), ponchos, tents and everything! and carrying your heavy heavy backpack with all the extra stuff:D
Tessa! thanks for coming up with a cheer, though we didnt use it in the end, it was really a nice one!! thanks for volunteering yourself when no one else would:D
Liang Si! yay, another RCY person. you don't really show off your skills though. i didnt know you were in RCY till i saw your labelled utensils >< anyway, hope to have fun with you in my class for 2 whole years :D
Jin yu! haha, i didn't really talk to you much, though i heard about your toilet trip to the rocks to shit though it wouldnt come out, heh xD hope you didnt get to many mozzie bites there, and that you enjoyed OBS:D
Yi Fan! thanks for being so chatty, though it was rather disturbing at night, heh xD you're really funny and thanks for lightening our moods :D
all in all, i think OBS was really great fun, and i really like to thank RGS for giving me all these opportunities. not just OBS, but RGS-ICYL, orientation and many others. i totally do not regret coming to rgs now :D and i got really home sick, having not seen my family for 5 days in a row. now i know the importance of family. although i have been on ODAC camps, ODAC IS family xD and i do think it's rather sad that i don't get to go for march sailing expedition ): nvm, i'll just jia you for ringers syf!!

going of to bed soooon!! after my stupid internet connection works :/

sheesh, ringers is taking up all my time for odac...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

): i'm sad. orientation'07's over ): i miss it, i really do. all the RI sessions and missing lessons... but my class was, and still IS great!
we're the most ENTHUSIASTIC class, whooooops! we got so many cheers, too many to write down... i like this one, "when we go, we go walking in a line, going front ooh, back ahh, wah so pro! when we go, we go walking in a line, going front ooh, back ahh, wah so chio!!" and i like raffles cheers the best!! they're soo cool!! esp when we all go LOUD and LOW:D i hope i'll get into spsb... then got one more year!!
on the other hand, it's goin to be obs:/ still got so much to pack!! and so much to do... >< i'll survive this, as will everyone else:D
oh oh oh! i think this was also the horriblelest week lah! got insulted. in a sense, everyday... fyi, i'm a SEC 2 MALAY/MIXED(which is act pretty cool) who is either a JPSL or a PIT and acts really childish. hmph. i did NOT act childish. cos i'm NOT! i'm a mature, sensible person. AND MY NAME IS SPELT JOCELYNE! i dont believe ppl cant get my name right when they speak to me on msn cos my name is ON MY MSN NICK!!!

come stop your crying, it'll be all right. just take my hand, hold it tight. i will protect you, from all around you. i will be here, don't you cry.

-jocelyne loves 101!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

YAY! finally finished commonwealth essay:D special thanks goes to ROY for helping me brainstorm, as well as SIHUI, and SILING for helpin me edit as wellxD love you guys!! i'm high!! which is bad, cos it's bed time... tomorrow's, no today's orientation camp... gonna sleep late and wake up early... dieee... my class is super cute, 101 rocks!! oh, and i lost my file!!! i can't find it): and all my stuff's inside that...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joce, your mood tends to swing between Calm & Happy.

Most of the time you feel calm. Your positive outlook on life is paired with a fairly low energy level. Although you might not realize it, your lower energy level is a positive attribute—it allows you to fully experience and appreciate your feelings of optimism. When you feel happy, you no doubt experience feelings of satisfaction and contentment as well as a positive outlook on life. When you experience the ups and downs of mood swings, the most important thing to remember is that you're not alone. Everyone—even the calmest individual—is liable to fly off the handle now and again.

-i totally agree! when i'm high, i'm high. when i'm down, i sleep.
Joce, your confidence level is high

As a result, you may tend view yourself as a wonderful, lucky, or energized person. However you probably also have your days when you don't feel so hot. After all, you're only human. Because of your usual high level of self-acceptance and belief in yourself, you're generally open and accepting of others. People who come in contact with you likely appreciate this generous nature and may seek out your company. Your social ability seems to be the trait that you most value in yourself of the five main traits that affect confidence. You also seem to appreciate this characteristic in others.
Joce, your most unique quality is that you're unusually Agreeable

You believe that people are inherently good and tend to listen to your heart in important matters. You are gentle and have a sincere desire to help and trust others. You are straightforward but don't tend to brag about yourself or your lot in life. You're amenable to people's suggestions, and you are good at helping people realize their own talents, which only makes people like you more. Compared to others who are agreeable, you are unusually altruistic. Only 2.3% of all test takers have this unique combination of personality strengths.

-well i never knew that...
haha, suddenly felt the urge to do this:

Are You a Natural Leader?
Congratulations, you're a born leader! Your leadership skills are quite well-developed, which makes you a tremendous resource at work — someone people can look to for guidance and direction. You've got a strong combination of workplace-friendly traits — from organizational skills to communication ability. These talents let you adapt to many different work situations and improve them; they'll remain valuable no matter what kind of career you choose. Succeeding at work is often simply a question of solving problems, and you're just the person to tackle them.
Organization: Order! Order! Your strong organizational skills make you an excellent candidate for success as a leader. Your talent for keeping everything in the right place means that you can concentrate on more important tasks. And once you've organized your workplace, your overall productivity increases by leaps and bounds.
Efficiency: Do it once, and make it count! Since you're the poster child for workplace efficiency and follow-through, that could be your motto. You have a keen understanding of how work works, and you know how to make things happen — which translates into excellent leadership potential. While others are still spinning their wheels, you've sped off, leaving skid marks behind you.
Teamwork: Go, team, go! Your sense of teamwork is so strong you're practically out on the field doing cheers. Which is great — the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. Team-building skills are the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. So give yourself a pat on the back — your talent in this area gives you a real leadership edge.
Confidence: You're a born leader ... and you know it! Confidence is a key component of leadership. And it's more than just feeling sure of yourself. It's about tackling new situations without being held back by any doubts. Your strong confidence level lets you focus your energies on success and truly shine as a leader at work.

Friday, January 05, 2007

the first week of school's over!!! and there's still... 41 weeks of school left!! >< sounds like plenty of time to give us tests and assessments... ah wells... let's talk about my sec one class. it's like really cool, and enthu, and nice(: applause for one-oh-one!! let me tell you their cheers.
first one, made up by ada! it's super original. it goes " one-oh-one-oh-one-oh-one-oh-one..." for as long as you can say it!!
second one, suggested by marissa! it's sooo authentic!! like" everywhere we go! (repeat) people want to know! (repeat) who we are (repeat) where we come from (repeat) so we tell them! (repeat) we are from one-oh-one (repeat) mighty mighty one-oh-one (repeat) super duper one-oh-one (repeat) ohhhhh, ONE-OH-ONE!"
and the last one, thought up by yours truly, is the coolest one ever!
"one-oh-one, we are fun, second to none, bright as the sun, when we're done, keep your guns, cos we'll have won!!"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

and it's pretty cool. i like my class(: 101'07 rocks :D they're really cute sec 1s you know... pity tho, that we'll be missing icebreakers with our class (sec THREE class) tmr... it's gonna be like when i missed psltc... but i heard my form teacher's nice... i hope...
tmr's the second day of school(: so looking forward to it!