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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 days since the start of school. and i feel as though i have been at it for a long time. all the homework and the tests, and the forgotten work done last semester. maybe school work, more work is good. makes you too busy to think too much. cos i always think too much, and it's often negative. but then who cares.

it's very sad about that triathlete dying. and he has such high aspirations for himself too. life's just unfair. there are people who don't have aspirations, who dont want to do work, who dont want anything except to slack around, yet they live long lives, doing nothing helpful. i've just the vaguest impression that when i grow up, i want to really help the needy. maybe be a lay missionary, or a doctor or something. civil service. scientist. i dunno, something that directly helps society.

maybe i shouldnt think too far ahead. who knows, i may die of heart failure tomorrow. but really, i can't be bothered with the immediate yet uncertain future anymore. i figured, since there's nothing i can do, let things just be and see what happens. there are other stuff i can bother about. like my grades :/

-cross my fingers and hope for the best. trust in the Lord that he knows what we need.

Monday, June 25, 2007

i was so stressed the whole day. partly because i've forgotten nearly everything that was taught in every subject before school ended, and partly because it's the first day of a very stressful term. like it makes it final, real. no more escaping from it. but now after i have calmed down, i realise, it's not that bad after all. i just have to put in a sustained effort in all my subjects, particularly bio (after what mr tee said><). and keep up english and chem and math and physics. but i was seriously freaking out during the school day...

i really miss hongkong and wales. ):

Saturday, June 23, 2007

well, back from HK and school to start soon. and i havent done much during the hols.
list of all that i have but yet to do
1) chem ws
2) math ws
3) various math wb, though i'm not entirely sure that we HAVE to do it
4) chi book reading thingy
5) english journal, thing is i cant find a suitable article
6) revision for past topics, so i wont go back to school with everything forgotten
7) Wales journal!! i cant find it!!!!

i realise i'm really quite a slacker... like, in order to be able to cope with everything that i have, i sorta ignore details and just get what's necessary so i can understand everything, and i dont bother trying to understand what i can't understand unless it's absolutely necessary... okay i am a very bad slacker...

dang, now i have to go find my wales journal, pack my desks, file my ws, and rush all undone hw.. well done jocelyne! you havent done anything useful in the past month...

and for any posts on hk, wait. cos i'm sorta busy now? doing last minute stuff><

~and all will be revealed by the end of this term. so am i looking forward to school or dreading it?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

much has happened in those few days i was back... going off again in about 12 hours time, this time to Hong Kong, New Territories. which is a very rural part where weirdos like us go trekking. but nonetheless, it'll be fun. no idea how it'll be like, seeing as i didnt go rinjani last year): and didnt train this year><

and there's so much to do. so many little minor, minute things that add up to a lot, which i'm always too lazy to do... and planning what i think would be one of the saddest day of my life. the people i would miss, well nvm, i'm trying to be positive here, arent i, so maybe one day in the future, i'd meet them on the mrt or sth...

dang english journals, chi pt and chem and math ws. i'm an irresponsible freak. argh. the holiday's gone. and what have i done? nothing. sometimes i really wonder WHY.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

weellll, back from WALES and PHUKET! (:
Wales was ultra super duper fun, i really miss it a lot already): nevermind, i've got plenty of memories to last me!
the musical was particularly funny, you MUST WATCH 'WICKED' IF AND WHEN IT COMES TO SINGAPORE!
and well, i've got plenty of blackmail pics(: pity my cam spoilt right before the sightseeing part): so i didnt get those pretty pics AND my bro's mp3 which he lent me to put my photos in also spoilt, so as soon as i can get those photos out, i'll upload them! :D
ohhh i've got chocs from the Cadbury Chocolate Factory!! (: mostly as souvenirs.
Phuket was HOT. dang, almost made me miss the weather in WALES, which incidentally was VERY VERY COLD. WE WERE ALL FREEZINGGGGG. i've got a nice tan now(: hopefully not burnt><
and now i'm looking forward to HongKong with ODAC, though i reaally hope i'm fit enough>< blegh. nvm.

well that's more than half my hols gone, and i've barely competed a piece of hw. supposed to today, but well, uhh, sth went wrong somewhere somehow... :D someone help me!

and i realllly missed you. and those two weeks was spent reflecting, and when i read that, i figured that, sth went wrong in my brain with the wiring, and maybe yours? haha, i miss the old days. but let's not reminisce (ack, how to spell?) and look forward(:

4 more days before i leave again! better make use of it><