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Sunday, September 30, 2007

guess what i do when i dont feel like studying... i go around searching for pretty pictures of life in singapore shores! maybe by looking more at them, i'll pick up how to id them :P haha i wish lah, but i think it's really cool how some of the teamseagrass people look at an organism and can tell you what species that is!
so far i've learnt that sponges are NOT plants but animals. they feed by filtering out micro organisms floating about in the sea. corals are actually 2 animals cohabiting? haha sounds wrong, but i cant rmb the term for it... and i cant rmb what corals actually are :/ ah wells. i guess photosystem I and photosystem II are more impt. and i learnt in wales, that plankton dont just refer to the evil nemesis of mr krabs, or to the little stuff that whales eat, they mean anything that cant move on its own. as in like it flows with the tide. such as jellyfish! yupp(: cool huh. i think marine biology is super cool. but if i even want to take bio in jc, i need to do well for examssss... :(

still stuck at physics now. intend to finish revising physics by today, so i wont have to think about it till the day before physics. will do bio tmr, and on tues, geog. i think bio and chinese and physics and geog need a lot more effort :/

and i've got a pimple right smack in the middle of my forehead. hmph, exams are horrid. the stress that comes with it is even worse. i am sooo looking forward to the end of exams. think of inter class rugby, chek jawa!, and so many other fun stuff... though of cos, that'd mean that the sch year's ending, and we wont see our seniors till like, 2009. in jc. i wonder if they'll still rmb us, or all have boyfriends and dao us...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

yepp, for roy's sake, i shall post up the "bubble tea cheer"!

Bubble tea is good for you,
Bubble tea will pull you through,
Drink the tea and you'll be fine,
Bubble tea will blow your mind!

haha, roy came up with some of them... she's not a bad poet eh? haha. the first line was by mr tan while he was promoting... sigh, we all got jealous, watching the s4s play. though admittedly, we'd rather play RUGBY!

Fnet = ma
Work done = Force * Distance
Power = Work done / time OR Force * velocity OR energy supplied / time
Gravitational Potential Energy = mass * g (something something. dno the name, but it's 10 anyway) * height
Kinetic Energy = 0.5 * mass * velocity^2
Moment = Force * perpendicular distance
sum of Anti-clockwise = sum of Clockwise
i am very annoyed. at physics. because i cant find my ws! even though ms siow graded it as complete/incomplete/complete with no corrections. honestly, it had to be there when she was grading my file! grr. i wonder if she eats paper o.O haha i didnt even realise she graded our file until so zi xi. so detailed. even check if we did all our ws and stuff. quite admirable, really, the amount of effort she puts into teaching... but still. grr, i want my optics EOU! and optics ws6. if anyone has it, please return it. (i dont see why it could have disappeared!) so annoyinggggg. i want rubgyy :( thankfully we have pe on tuesday! (:

yeah and this week, we got back quite a number of papers... actually i cant rmb if it's this week or last week, all my weeks have blended together. but we've got math, bio, chem spa, physics pt... not too long ago, our eng oral, chi oral, chi zuo wen... and i hadnt failed anything the whole year. but i am pleased to announce my first failure of the year. physics pt -.-" well if she doesnt minus away that crucial one mark, i wont fail. but still. considering i din attach the rubrics, and when she passed it to me she said "jocelyne, what happened to you!? why only 2 pages?!", i think she'll still minus one mark when she takes it back for re-grading. :/ ah wells, i guess that makes some people feel better... that's why i dont really like it when i score very high... cos i'll feel bad. very bad. considering i dont think i put much, or as much effort into my studies as other people. :/

i wonder if teachers actively search for students who blog about them... i came across this blog by a chinese teacher, chen lao shi... quite.. amusing? haha i din really bother to read it, it's in chinese! :P

:( i really dont feel like studying anything, least of all physics. i think i could put all my effort into bio, but still do badly. i think i'll concentrate on math, cos it's savable (i think fa went really really badly.), physics, cos i failed the pt, chem, cos i really need something to go well. well i dont really know about geog. it's a bit unstable, considering every time i hear her voice, i feel like sleeeping... i din sleep on friday of cos, but i think i was hovering on the brink of unconsciousness, cos i cant rmb what she talked about... like half awake, half asleep :P yea, that far away voice...

buggerrr, this is the first time i'm really very jin zhang (nervous) about exams... maybe cos i've forgotten everything that was taught previously and they're testing from all the way before :/ or maybe cos i feel the need to prove that i can cope, more than ever. ah wells.

me want rubgy. funny, considering how i was rather against it previously. but the games are seriously a lot more fun now! maybe i'll consider joining rubgy in jc. but then, i dont think i will. dont like sports ccas, must train so much xP that's why i quit swimming ages and ages ago. cos i was too lazy to wake up early in the morning to train! i dont have the determination for such stuff, unlike deb :P better not flatter her too much, her ego will swell xP

back to optics, dynamics, work energy power and centre of gravity stability moment! :(
went to sell bubble tea and 100 plus at sec 4 netball carn today! haha it was very fun(:
reached sch at 7am, went to help shimin carry ice. then we carried a table down from the corridor outside the hall... was quite heavy lor.. then met chrisanda with the 100 plus, and she went to get the ice box. so yea, anyway we set up a little stall. then after that the rest came, soffia, roy, esther, sheila, yingxuan and finally, juan, with the bubble tea. then shimin and i went around selling the drinks. and we managed to sell out ALL!(: as in at the end, osl managed to sell all. and it was quite a lot lor. haha then we went to cheer on the teachers in the teacher vs student games... then prize presentation, 415 and 408's class cheer is super cute! haha but didnt really listen out for the rest, was playing netball with soffia, sheila and juan! then after that we formed teams, soffia, jane, sheila and i vs juan, ying xuan, siling and adeline. haha and of course, my team won :P haha. all the time, we were lamenting about not being able to play rubgy. and sheila's jealous cos she didnt learn contact rugby xP haha.

hmm, yea and jpsl/pit results out alr... well it was out on thu... the jpsl's taken in all looked quite serious, haha, but i guess they'll be great(: my s1 class is super zai! 6 pits and 2 jpsls... quite spooky eh... although pb koped some who were meant to be psb, hurremph. ah wells(: i guess what's impt is to just serve each board to the best of your capabilities, after all, pb and psb are about the same... pb's just scarier :P

i keep changing my mind... congress or not?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hmphh, i'm so pissed at myself. i got home at 330, decided to nap for half an hour before finishing ss pt write up, and doin other hw. but in the end, i woke up at a most shocking and appalling 700. goodness, i dont even know how i slept for so long, and slept through my alarm. dang. wasted three hours sleeping... :/ put me in such a bad mood. plus i had math tuition,and as usual it ended late, so that's quite a lot of time gone. And i realise i usually panic when it's late at night and i haven't done anything :/ ah wells.
Finished the Reference section of Ss Pt write ups. haha a bit loser, but it takes quite a long time lor, cos need to use the proper style for referencing, and stuff...

Sigh, should i stay in Congress next year? Should i continue with OSL? Should i join SLN? hmm... (i've a feeling everyone's going to tell me no to everything. ah wells.)

i feel so unfit, i feel like running after school everyday. of course, by the time it is after school, i just feel like sleeping. and anyway, i'd be wasting time running around. :/ exams are in one week's time and i'm totally unprepared. rather, prepared to do not-so-well.

hidden from the rest. what can you say you know about me?

Monday, September 24, 2007

haha, feeling immensely satisfied now. maybe it's because i can do remainder theorem ws 2, or because i've updated osl and rs blog, or because i've finally memorised by grade 8 A piece, or because i'm halfway done with my SS PT. anyway, must we have a reason to be happy? (:

haha after school today, went to help ms tan to sort some school calendars for sec 3 level. waited for quite long before we could start, so anyway, finished at 230. and i called my mom, and found out that HER CAR TYRE GOT PUNCTURED! hahah :P cos my dad went to Thailand cos my grandfather's friend passed away, so my dad went for the funeral mass or sth. anyway he'll be back tmr(: haha so funny. anyway i got home at bout 330, slept till bout 430 then went to shower. then came down and started on ss. then bout 5, my mom and younger bro came home. haha turns out that after the tyre got punctured, she called my uncle to help her. then dunno what happened, my uncle's van the battery went flat. haha. then the petrol kiosk only got one person to help repair. so she had to wait for a super long time. anyway, it was funny :D

haha quite pleased my ss pt. i mean, it's prob the only pt which i put so much effort into lor. even if it doesnt turn out that nice....

on a lighter note, Ms Sim (she went to hk with us) and the rest of Singapore Women's Everest Team (SWET) has summited Cho Oyu! It's the 6th tallest mountain in the world:D good for her!

It's a bit blur... but ah wells(: OSL 2007! :D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

feeling sluggish. the whole weekend. dont feel like doing hw (well there's this chem assignment which appears to be non-existent and math ws which i dont know how to do/dont feel like doing) and to prevent myself from thinking too much and thinking negative stuff, i started blog surfing. and they're really cool! here are some pics which i like which i found on the blogs/websites. hope they dont mind:/ but i cant rmb which pic i took from where...
i like the one on the right, biscuit sea star. at chek jawa
these are common sea stars at st john's island.
Feather star at little sister's island.
Flat worm! i like flat worms, they're usually very colourful(: haha i only like the colourful creatures, so you won't see much corals, fishes and stuff like here :P this flat worm's from st john's island too.

Ghost crab at little sister's island! haha isnt very colourful, but quite cool eh(:
hahahah. this isnt a flat worm, and it isnt very colourful or pretty either. the only reason it's on my blog, is because it's known as Eunice! ahaha:P really, it's genus name's eunice xP

ahha! this is one of my favourite! it's on my dp(: it's a knobbly sea star, found at pulau semakau. though as with the others, you can find them everywhere else too!
i dunno it's common name, but it's genus name is Luidia. quite pretty eh? :D found at chek jawa
haha this is a mudskipper, specially for eunice too. haha there are mudskippers in singapore too, not just in kukup :P this was in sungei buloh
red egg crab, little sister's island. haha we saw this at lab park too! (:
known as tiger/strawberry anemone. looks quite cute, like a jelly fish :P at changi!
tigertail seahorse at pulau hantu. there were seahorses at other places too, but this is the clearest and prettiest i could fine. oooh, there were lots of other octopuses too, but they were all so well camouflaged, i couldnt identify it, so i didnt save it:/
well i dont really like these, but for completeness sake, this is a toad fish, found at changi. there are scorpion fish, stone fish and rabbit fish, they all look about the same - well camouflaged and ugly.
another biscuit star, this one at pulau tekong!
sand star, also at pulau tekong! haha i like stars(: i dont like nudibranches (slugs), sponges, carpet anemones, sea cucumbers and other not colourful stuff :P unless they happen to be colouful xD
there were also lots of pics of pretty birds, but i think i'm not really into that..
the last pic for the day, the banded krait, at chek jawa. i cant recall where i saw the pics of the pretty sea snakes.. if they were on ppt slides from sat, then cant post here :/

haha these never fail to cheer me up(: they're much better and reliable!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

haha parisa asked me to do this(: hers is quite amusing should go see!

  1. I dont have any preference, i just prefer practical, useful stuff(: no deco stuff please!

1) the last person you smsed:

Sihui (it was actually 2 days ago, since i dont like msg when there's msn!)

2) your relationship with her is?

my friend(:

3)your five impressions of her:

caring, selfless (to a certain extent), always hungry, doesn't like math, doesnt like school in general

4) the most memorable thing she has done for you:

gone to look for me in the library instead of going out with others

5) the most memorable thing she has said to you:

cant rmb... said too much liao.

6) if she becomes my lover i will...

faint. i'm not les.

7) if she becomes my lover, things she has to improve on....

firstly, i dont want her to be my lover.

8) if she becomes your enemy you will....

no reason too... if she does, the most i do would be to ignore her...

9) if she becomes my enemy, the reason will be.....

a phase of adolscence

10)the most desired thing you want to do for her now is....

um. make sure she does the things she's supposed to do. ie, collect money for farewell, do obs package post-mortem, and i'm quite sure she hasn't returned our baby pics from farewell either.

11) your overall impression of her is.....

having self-esteem problems :/

12) how do you think people around you feel about you....

uhh... for some, i'm a bit crazy and mentally unsound. for others, i'm rather dominating...

13) the character you love about yourself:

uhh... i dno, i dont know what characters i have.. :/ still trying to figure that part of me out.

14) the most ideal way you want to be is...

taller, smarter, more like-able?

15) for people who care and like you, say sth to them:

take care too and love you(:

16) pass this quiz to 10 person you wish to know how they feel about you.. (though i dont get how this works...)

  1. sihui
  2. juanmin
  3. eunice
  4. reshmi
  5. roy
  6. chermaine chee (not really plausible)
  7. andrea (tan)
  8. jeremy
  9. jonathan
  10. priscilla

17) who is no. six(chermaine chee) having relation with?

no idea, would like to know.

18) is no. 9 (jonathan) a male or female?

a male. he's my brother.

19)is no. 7(andreatan) and no. 10(priscilla) together a good thing

no, not really. they're both female.

20)what about no.5(roy) and no.8(jeremy)

uh. i dont think so. my brother's older than her (haha roy!) and anyway, i suspect he has one..

21) what is no. 2 (juanmin)studying about

um, she's studying about ecology and states of equilibrium and reactivity series and who knows what else...

22)what is the last time you chat with no. 3(eunice)?

um. i cant remember... online, thu? last time i talked to her was on fri...

23) what type of musice does no 8(jeremy) like?

the weird kind. lots of clashing noises and screaming lyrics.

24)will you woo no. 3(eunice)?

no, not really. though i know someone who's obsessed with her :P

25) how about no. 7(andreatan)?

no -.-"

26) is no. 4(reshmi) still single?

haha yes. she was just talking about that a few days ago.

27) what is the surname of no.6(chermaine?

-.-" chee... it's right there!

28)what is the nick name of no. 10(priscilla)

no idea...

29)what is the hobby of no.4(reshmi)

um. i dno, slacking?

30) do no. 5(roy) and no.9(jonathan) get along well?

uhh.. dno, dont think roy has ever met my brother, and i dont think she'll want to :P

31) where is no. 2(juanmin) studying at?

rgs -.-"

32) talk sth casually about no.1(sihui)

um. just met her and she's obsessed with math.

33)have you developed feelings for no.9(jonathan)

yea. since about the time he was born.

34) where does no.8(jeremy) lives?

at my house -.-"

35) are no. 1(sihui) and no.5(roy) best friends?

um not to my knowledge.

36) does no. 7(andreatan) like no.2(juanmin)

as a friend i guess. or rather i hope so.

37) how do you get to know no.1(sihui)?

hmm. odac! the first time we met was at river raft race. juan didnt go... so yea the two of us were like stuck together cos we were both sec 1s. and we both ran very slow.

38) does no.10(priscilla) have any pets?

not to my knowledge...

39)is no.5(roy) the sexiest person in this world?

ugh, please no.

i think some of the words are quite difficult to read cos of the font colour. sorry, i tried to change it but for some reason or another, it cant :/

anyway, just got back from NParks Biodiversity Centre. it's at this ulu place at Pierce Road of Holland Road. really ulu. and singapore taxis are really sub-standard. cos i left home slightly late (or so i thought, but it turns out that it takes 2 hours to reach there by public transport), i had to take a cab. the taxi driver didnt even KNOW where the place was, but he just drove me along anyway. and dropped me off at NParks HQ/botanic gardens. well i thought it was rather near the biodiversity centre, so i called ms siti (she's the leader of teamseagrass) to see if she could direct me there. and she passed the phone to weiling(she works in NParks, also in teamseagrass and she helps out with lab park too!) who after talking for a long time, said that it's very far and she'll send over someone to pick me up. oh joy. maybe i should have just stayed at home and waited for someone to pick me up :P haha yea anyway so i reached the biodiversity centre safe and sound.

the presentation/orientation was most interesting. for more info, can go read the blog after we post. had bbq dinner after that, food quite good. then after that, mr lim sponsored our cab ride home cos our parents couldnt pick us. (us meaning sihui siling and i) btw, in case you havent realised, it was for rs. so you see, i've got a very interesting rs project. you get to meet a lot of people (volunteers) who are very passionate about Singapore shores and want to help maintain and keep these shores alive and happy. although we were obviously the youngers there.... but anyone who'd like to watch seagrasses, tell me! or you can email us at we're open to queries too! read our labradorpark blog for more information.

it's like studying ecology, and you can really see man's impact and observe how it affects the environment first hand. i believe our blog has some info on that. if there isnt, go find sihui. she's supposed to have posted that.

Singapore shores are really very interesting... there are many fishes there, not to mention crabs, starfishes, algae, nudibranches, slugs, anemones, octopus, sting rays etc. really! i've seen the pictures :P cos you see, at lab park, we seldom explore the tide, so we rarely see any interesting organisms. mr lim spotted a turtle once though, and we've seen asidians and crabs and algae... check the teamseagrass blog for more pics! wildsingapore is also a good place for pics and info on Singapore shores.

my rs project is really very interesting(: i wish i could continue with it... but well, jc calls (i hope...) so any junior interested in it, please tell me! i wish i could go to the other places as well.. such as cyrene reef, pulau semakau, pulau seduku, sentosa, chek jawa, sisters' island, saint john's island etc. all the pretty pictures come from there! but i believe it's more dangerous there too, cos they've got stone fish and sting rays and sea snakes there... or least we havent spotted any at lab park...

well hope this is educational enough, cos i really feel too lazy to study chem/physics/bio/math... :( i really need to score well for EOYs to maintain my current grade. which is lower than last year's, of course, but i guess higher than most of my cohort? this is actually the first time that my grades were higher than average.. i wonder if it's because i grew smarter, or my brain capacity increased, or i became more hardworking, or the tests became easier, or the subjects became easier (i seriously doubt the previous two), or just that everyone else slacked off and scored poorly...

ooh, one more thing on today's presentation. i got 2 huge posters on coral reefs in singapore and shores in singapore! really cool they are(: and i've got bookmark thingys from a previous talk and from today too. i wonder if i should stick them up on my room wall :P my older bro has his pics all over the wall (by his, i mean those he took, not of him) he is rather artistic, much more than i am. haha but i expect if i stuck those posters on the wall, when his friends come over and look into my room, they'd call me a geek or a freak or sth like that... haha, just clearly marks our different personalities doesnt it. i do think he's very talented, in a very different aspect from me. he'll take up stuff on his own, like guitar and photography... and yea, he's artistic.. and he's much cooler than me, i guess. ah wells, to each his own(:

and because i'd feel guilty if i dont study anything at all (not that this can be considered studying)
Group 7 elements, also known as halogens. they are non-metals and very reactive. Flourine is the most reactive. they become less reactive from up to down. (whereas for group 1 it's more reactive). they react with most metals to form salts.
the two atoms within each molecule are held by very strong covalent bonds, but inter-molecular forces are very weak. they are also poisonous.
it forms ions of a -1 charge and are all ionic. they react vigorously with metals to form ionic salts. a more reactive halogen also displaces a less reactive halogen from an aqueous solution of its ions.
Peer Support Leaders Orientation (PSLO) yesterday was fun!(: got to know some of the PSLs, though it'd take longer to actually recognize them... time flies so fast though, can remember going through this last year. actually this year really went pass very fast for me. ): so many things happened in this past year. life-changing experiences, heh.
after that, had OSL parents' meet. got to know the rest of the team better too. like that claudia and andrea (lim) stayed in the same estate... haha, i went to claudia's house before in sec 1 for lit :P
the thing is, some of the people i see in psb are also in osl. and when you have one after the other, it sort of gets blurred. cant tell which is which.
after that was psb nite, was very fun too(: kudos to the OT! though i cant say that i know everyone well or anything like that. though i cant say that i really felt that i was with them 100%. though i cant say that i felt like i was really one of them. you could really feel the psb spirit then(: it was super cool lah, the part i went down for. which was after class i/cs performances. the whole thing and ideas were very cool.. and original!(:

hmm. i guess some of the sleep talk stuff went in. slept early on thu and fri! before 12am(: and i woke up at 11 today, though i intended to wake at 830. i woke at 830, went back to sleep, 9, 10, 1030 and finally woke up at 11. would have carried on sleeping if not for the fact that i really had to finish geog pt indv and ss pt by today... still stuck at geog pt indv though :/

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Voices That Care

Lonely fear lights up the sky
Can't help but wonder why
You're so far away

There, you had to take a stand
In someone else's land
Life can be so strange

I wish we never had to choose
To either win or lose
That we could find a way (We could find a way)

But I won't turn my back again(turn my back again)
Your honor I'll defend
So hurry home, and 'til then (til then)

Stand tall, stand proud!
Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright (hurry home. ooh)

I'm not here to justify the cause
Or to count up all the loss
That's all been done before

I just can't let you feel alone
When there's so much love at home
We're sending out to you

All the courage that you've known
The bravery you've shown
Clearly lights the way

We pray to make the future bright
To make the wrong things right

Right or wrong, we're all praying you remain strong
That's why we're all here and singing along

Stand tall, stand proud!
Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Know in your heart how our love burns bright

Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

You are the voice
You are the light

Stand tall, stand proud!
Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

Stand tall, stand proud!
Voices that care are crying out loud
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

You are the voice and the guiding light
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright

feeling... like there's sth that i havent done and it's very impt. though i cant think of anything. and dont feel like doing any hw though i know i should.

you know, when you've had RS and it's not finished, and you've had PSB stuff still ongoing as well as OSl and not to mention stuff for ODAC to do, everything just jumbles up in your mind. and put in revision for various topics, and i really am at a loss now :/ i cant recall what i need to do for what...

hmm, osl website's nearly done (visit!" now that i think of it, i dont really have much to do. it's probably just psychological.

:/ revision for EYAs. i'm not really looking forward to it, cos i know i've forgotten a lot of stuff... anyway, today went for the sleep talk. haha not bad lah, quite interesting... more or less... not that i think i'd really practise those stuff cos it means i wont be able to finish my work. but still(: little kiddies like sec 1s should sleep more! cos you sleep less and less as your grow up, and if you only sleep 6 hours now, you may just sleep 3 hours when you're sec 4... this sec 4 who went for the talk (btw, they were all sec4s from the same class, only 5 psls and 1 sec one who was the sister of one of the members of sleep team), she told the speaker that she slept 1-4 hours per day and the speaker's jaw just dropped. and stayed there for a few seconds. hahaha.

States of equilibrium: stable, unstable and neutral.
stable is when even when a force is acted on the object, the object will still move back to the original position. unstable is when a force is acted on the object and the object moves away from the original position (and topples). neutral is when a force is acted on the object, the object just moves away but does not topple away or go back to original position.

Redox: reduction and oxidation!
oxidation is the: addition of oxygen, removal of hydrogen or removal of electron
reduction is the: removal of oxygen, addition of hydrogen or addition of electron
oxidation state/number increases when oxidation occurs
oxidation state/number decreases when reduction occurs

Solubility of salts
All Carbonates are NOT soluble, except for Group 1 and ammonium
All Nitrates are soluble
All Sulphates are soluble, except for Lead(II), Barium and Calcium
All Chlorides are soluble, except for Lead(II) and Silver
All Group 1 metals and ammonium are soluble.

haha Lead reminds me of the Pb shirt. but solubility of salts just proves that Pb cant mingle with others properly, cos they're Insoluble as a compound of sulphate and chloride! compared to others, it's a lot:P haha just joking, PB is very nice and friendly(: people just have misconceptions of them!

just for equality's sake, i shall do sth on bio too.

It is a pesticide made to wipe out louse and malaria in particular. it was supposedly safe and good, and protrayed as a chemical that could save a lot of lives, as malaria was dangerous and by wiping it out, it saved a lot of lives. however, it causes the shells of Bald Eagles eggs to be very thin and fragile, and so many eggs do not hatch and population of Bald Eagles dipped. how it got from mosquitoes to the birds was like this. a mosquito was sprayed with DDT, died and landed on the pond. a fish comes along and eats it. it also eats 9 other mosquitoes who died from DDT. this fish was then eaten by another fish. and that fish also eats 9 other fish who also ingested DDT. and so on and so forth, until the bald eagles went to eat the organism, who would have lots of DDT in the body system by now. this phenomenon is known as bio magnification. DDT is a man made chemical and cannot be broken down/breaks down at a very slow rate. So although it does not kill mammals, it has harmful side effects that the scientists did not research on before releasing it wholesale.

haha that's about it. though i think if i really revise at this rate, EOYs will be over by the time i finish all my revision. :P still.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

really tired. brain got fried by math tuition. urgh, remainder and factor theorem. reminds me too much of functions. got home and started going bio report. as a result, din do anything else. hope no hw due tmr :/

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using the genetic engineering techniques generally known as recombinant DNA technology. With recombinant DNA technology, DNA molecules from different sources are combined in vitro into one molecule to create a new gene. This modified DNA is then transferred into an organism causing the expression of modified or novel traits. The product is also known as an Genetically Engineered Organism or GEO.

got back math. was quite shocked, still am in shock. hope i'll be able to hit my target :/

somehow you dont feel that joy, that elatedness(is there such a word?) of talking to someone whom you used to admire greatly. and probably still do. only know, it feels... forced. cos i feel like i'm being used as a source of information extraction, just like for everything else. cos i know, that person has other means already.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

well there i was, after doing up OSL website and feeling rather happy, merrily telling sihui of her many responsibilities, when she suddenly interrupted me by asking me to do some Simpson's personality quiz thing... so here goes

Pick letter 1
E - you prefer to direct your energy to people, things, situations.
I - you prefer to direct your energy to study ideas, information, explanations or beliefs

pick letter 2
S -You prefer to deal with facts, what you know, to have clarity, a realist in the here & now - for you the force is a tool - a fission screwdriver
N - You prefer to deal with ideas, look into the unknown, to generate new possibilities or to anticipate what isn't obvious, you seek the nature of the force.

pick letter 3
T - You prefer to decide on the basis of logic, using an analytical and detached approach.
F - You prefer to decide using values and/or personal beliefs, letting your heart guide you

pick letter 4
J - You prefer your life to be planned in a stable and organised way
P - You prefer to go with the flow, to maintain flexibility and respond to events

well you see, i just found out that short-sighted sihui looked at the results for ESTJ instead of ESTP. so i'm no longer a police officer (in the simpsons) called Chief Wigam.
Enthusiastic people who are driven to fulfil their obligations and duties. They are committed to the relationships which they consider to be lifelong & unalterable. Good in a tight spot.
Tendency to always needing to be in charge and maybe controlling of friends & colleagues
Type: Overseer
ESTJs are responsible, logical, norm-following hard workers. Their efforts are carried out in a practical, structured manner. ESTJs trust facts and experiences more than theories. They are decisive, loyal, tradition observing individuals. They enjoy being the person in charge and often make good supervisors.
Real ESTJ People:
George W Bush
Grover Cleveland
James Monroe
John D Rockefeller

ESTJ Career Matches:
ESTJs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Overseer/Protector personality.

Business Administrator
Business Analyst
Computer Specialist

Financial Officer
Government Worker
Insurance Agent


Military Leader
Nursing Administrator
Sales Representative
Senior Manager
Technical Specialist

anyway, after that she gave me ENTP instead. which turns out to be Originator.
ENTPs are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. ENTPs are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. ENTPs can be good conversationalists and exciting company.
yea well so after i told her that i was actually ESTP, i became Bart Simpson. so gross.

anyway, like i said before, i shall post educational stuff here! at least for the period from now till end of EYAs... or EOYs, however you call it.

Let's revise Chemistry!
EYA's tested from mole concept all the way till Acids, Bases Salts (ABS)... hmm... i'd say periodicity's currently my shakiest topic.

Group 1 metals are the most reactive metals. they are kept under oil to protect them from corrosion by air and water. they are shiny, silvery solids which are so soft that they can be cut with a razor blade. (here, i'm also practising my original syntex construction cos i'm rephrasing stuff from the chem tb!) they have low densities and low melting points. while the density increases down the group, the melting point decreases. they are called alkali metals as they react with water to produce alkaline solutions (i never figured the difference between alkali and alkaline). they react vigorously with cold water, often catching fire and exploding! the products of the reaction are hydrogen gas and a solution of metal hydroxide. below's an example:
2Na + 2H20 (arrow pointing right) 2NaOH + H2
that's not all! the solutions of Group 1 hydroxides contain hydroxide ions which are strongly alkaline, thus the solutions turn RED litmus paper BLUE. the elements become more reactive down the group, with Lithium merely fizzing while Potassium catches fire and explode! (imagine, someone could just take a chunk of potassium and throw it in a pail of water, and there you have it, something dangerous) ALL compounds of group 1 metals are ionic. they have ions which have a charge of +1. thus they have similar formulas.

Group 7 and Group 0 elements will be up next! then we'll studying metals and their properties, followed by redox reactions and ABS! haha i'm determined to get at least 3.6 for chem(: to maintain my grade.

one word to describe my mood now: content(:
(although i have yet to complete my geog pt, or ss pt, or finished bio report. or anything else, except a half-hearted attempt at doing a migration mind map for geog.)

i think Hold On by Good Charlotte is rather appropriate now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

wahahha, i'm in a very good mood now!:D haha(: yea, i seriously think i have severely wild, dangerous mood swings! :P

i'm in a very good mood because i'm done with OSL handout! yea, actually it doesnt really make sense, why i'm happy... cos there's still handbook (which is even more tedious than handout...) and video, and website etc... but you see, i was having piano lessons. after it ended, i checked my msgs, and saw that elynn msged me. and it turns out that the handout was due TMR! okay today now, but yea. shocked me lor. then there was still RS profiling to do (like a profile of the beach...) and i was under the impression we had lots and lots of hw, so i started to panic... but anyway yea, so you see, after i finished handout, i was so relieved!:D done with RS profiling anyway. and chem ws too! shant bother with physics... i hate physics...

hmm, anyway today was quite cool, had 2 free blocks cos ms angeline swee (career guidance counsellor) and ms siow (physics teacher) wasnt here! consecutive blocks some more. haha:D so yea, being me, i didnt do hw or anything, but slacked around, trying to convince people not to do Rubik's cube (cos sadly, i still cant do it :( not that i actually tried but yea...) and we also talked about reshmi's and shaina's lack of contact with boys and how they'd survive in rjc... and yea random stuff like that...

anyway WEP! haha i think i'll do polyclinic/hospitals... quite cool eh? most prob 10 dec - 14 dec.. and that means that, sadly, i have no holiday to speak of. i just drew up my holiday calendar (you know the boxes i have in my notebook), and now it's like filled up lah. so sian. :( holidays filled with camps, overseas trip (to Cambodia and Thailand! funnily enough, both to do service learning. only one's with sch and one's with family, and you cant really count that as service learning...), and WEP. and of course, dotted here and there are piano lessons, and most prob chi and math tuition :/ what a sad, deprived life i lead... i counted, currently i only have 13 days in the whole holiday when i have absolutely nothing one. but then again, i havent scheduled chi and math tuition...

there's so much i'd like to do during holidays... go climbing to say the least... and if i feel geeky enough (which i prob wont), start studying for sec 4! :P haha i wish lah, that day will never come... sigh. i want some free days so i can do what i want, but when i do have free days, i'll find that there's nothing for me to do. in a sense, i can only work when my schedule is packed. like i need to have something to do. and of cos, i work best with deadlines(: i dont like waiting... i'll do things and be done with them :P which is why i'm rather efficient IF that thing's due soon!

btw, if anyone wants to know, i'll be spending Christmas in Thailand! actually i go there every year, to this Catholic Mission Home at Chiang Rai. we heard that every christmas, the Brother (um, like he's in some order, but he's not a priest? i dno how to exp:/) who's in charge of this farm they have (it's a pig farm but they grow longan trees too.) will release a piglet for the villagers to catch. so whoever catches it has the piglet for their christmas present! then they can rear it and stuff. haha so this year we'll be going up to see that! :D anyone interested in coming along? the place is really cool, and the kids are really cute! and what we usually do is that we'll collect clothes/blankets/soft toys etc in singapore, pack it and bring it there and distribute these stuff to the villages. these villagers mostly belong to the Hmong tribe. it's one of the many minority tribes in Thailand. one of the more well known tribes is the Long-necked Karen... yepp they're the ones who weld a ring around their necks each year, till they have very long necks. havent actually seen the Karen, but haha i've seen pics :P

(: yup that's about it. haha i think i should make my blog more Educational :P that should scare everyone away...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

really tired. exhausted. slept for an hour and a half during the afternoon, but still. sleep can never be enough :P

and what has been making me so exhausted, is OSL. all through the year, my comm. has been slacking (cos there's nth much for us to do anyway), but now, our handbook is due really really soon (like parent's meet, actually, which is this friday) and we havent even gotten the draft out. in the midst of collecting content :/ not that i'm actually doing much, i'm just supposed to find out info on various stuff and type it out. i didnt even really bother to rephrase :/ i'll do that another time...

rather stressed over chem too... and physics, slightly... sheesh, we only have 12 more days of school before the exams, but still i'm not studying! not that i usually study so early, but sec 3's different... sigh, so much to do (ie study) cos i've forgotten a lot...

thank goodness we more or less finished geog pt on sat, only left indv reflections... ss pt, think i'm going to re do what i intended to do... dno when i'll be able to finish that :/ hopefully way before it's due, so i wont have to rush...

sigh, like i mentioned before, i'm always stuck in a comm in which i dont have any talent. meaning AV/video comm. in FAM, and in osl, it's called publications. and both of them, have nth much to do for most of the year, and right when it's EYA period, you have to rush everything. :( i cant afford my grades to drop.. :/

bugger. dont blame me if i fall asleep in some lesson or another again. (haha the far away voice... i swear i could hear mr chew talk while i was sleeping! it just didnt go in...)

on a happier note, all our exams would be over in about...4 weeks time! i dont care if others think it's a long time, it's short enough for me! :D imagine, after exams, i dont have to care about Acids, Bases and Salts, or that the angle at the circumference is = to twice the angle at the centre! (: focus on osl, fam, odac etc etc :/ maybe that's not much to look forward to...

ARGH! i havent even LEARNT hadley cheers :/ and i'm supposed to LEAD tmr? -gasps in horror- goodness, what have i gotten myself into? a cartload of responsibilities, and i'm to blame. i know.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

i dont know what you want, what you want from me. but if you think it's helping me, i tell you now it doesnt. it makes me feel worse, cos i dont know what to do. cos i'm alr rather worked up by other stuff, and you're weighing down heavily on me. i know you dont intend to, but that's the way i am. i dont know how to help, i dont know to comfort and encourage or scold to bring you to your senses. i dont know anything about you, knew nothing since forever. and the same can be said of you. i rmb the times in sec 1/2, when we'd be chatting till up late, and you'd suddenly run off to buy/eat chips or coke, or sth else equally unhealthy. i think you miss those times, and so do i, but i hope you know as well as i do that those times will probably never come back. maybe you havent changed, but i have, and i cant go back. much as i wish to. cos do you know what i'm going through, what i have to go through each day? maybe not, since you just see what i show you. since everyone just sees what everyone else shows them. it's much like media isnt it, we're all huge walking advertisements. you just see what you're shown, it's up to you whether you want to just take it as it is, or figure out that there has to be sth more than that. maybe this is just proof that people have different stress levels, that some ppl can take more than others. though i dont get why. i'm too, narrow-minded for this, i guess. i dont say i'm perfect, i think i'm prob one of the most imperfect creations of all. all of my hypocrisy and lies and skewed thinking.

f i could go back in time, i'd go back to pri sch. listening to "what i go to school for" and that sorely reminds me of pri sch :( "A perfect match" reminds me just as much. i think we all should appreciate school life. cos as much as we hate our life now (or some people do at least) we're all going to hate something even worse next time. sigh, i dont make sense. *frustrated over chem* i'm soo going to fail chem, and perhaps scrape through physics. i'm seriously pinning all my hopes on ss, math, eng, geog. and maybe bio.

- acids react with metals to produce hydrogen gas-
- acids react with carbonates to produce carbon dioxide and water-
- acids react with metal oxides to produce salt and water-
- acids react with hydroxides to produce salt and water-

people are very complicated. and probably untrustworthy. and confusing. when you're with person A, she'll tell you not-so-nice things about person B. when you're with person B, she'll tell you not-so-nice things about person A. and you're sorta caught in the middle, and you dont know what to do. and it makes you wonder, if that's what other people say about you. if persons A and B are reliable, if they can keep your secrets. or maybe i'm just too trusting of the people i call my friends. cos once you've earned my trust, you've got it, till you ruin it, and that's when the troubles start.

and that's how my mind's like now, jumbled with academics and non-academics. goodness, this is killing me, i want to sleep now. but i havent done ANY work. and low or no productivity is not to be tolerated.

- live life by strict rules-
hmm, havent blogged for quite a while despite wanting to. occupied with rushing osl stuff, yearbook and merit cca day proposal. and of course "studying" math. :/ i've got a bad feeling about this test, i've already got one wrong... maybe most people think that just one wrong is nothing, but i'm seriously depending on math to pull my gpa up, my sci grades are all like poop.

hmm highlight of the week was probably jpsl/pit selection camp. quite enjoyed myself, knew more prefects (though they all look somewhat alike...) and realised they're all crazy people. haha my partner Celine is particularly crazy. haha just knew her only then can become so crazy alr lor! haha although our group was sadly quite quiet. ah wells(: i swear, pei qi from my group is stalking me! i saw her during almost every recess! haha, but she's quite cute(:

had odac store clean up as well, i think that was quite okay lor... our first odac session under the sec 3s:/ i dont think i'm used to the lack of sec4s (well not all, vivian turned up later). sigh, will definitely miss them and the advice they give. what if things dont go as planned, and there's no one there to help you.

then the next session was the last one till after EYAs. quite dumb actually, cos i didnt know all cca had to end by this week... and it was a rather sad session, becos only 2 of my batchmates turned up, and we were supposed to be having batch talks... so we did math and ate choc instead... and most unfortunately, the sec 2s left the umbrellas for the teachers at the mini amphi, and someone found it and passed it to mr tan... so well that's that...

feeling the heat now, just when EYAs are starting. :/ worried, for myself, for you, for everyone. for odac. for my grades. not in a particularly happy mood now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

interesting fact no. 1: i am suffering from (a lack of) first day of school blues! yep, i have no idea why. maybe cos i miss my darling classmates so much -thinks of reshmi, and pukes- or cos i missed doing math :P haha poor people who spent their entire holidays doing math. but i think it's quite fun, only i have a bad feeling about this test cos for one, i didnt study, cant rmb the formulas and for another, i didnt do too well for the quiz thingy.. but still... haha i like math(:

interesting fact no. 2: i may be allergic to typhoid or hepatitis A vaccinations! haha went for osl vaccinations at 3, watched the long queue form, decided to do crpp survey first. was zonking out, any how clicking, not reading what it was. but anyway, by the time i got back, there were only a few people left to jab. so i went after shimin. i had 2 jabs, one on each arm. he did the left one first. then he went to do the right one. it din really hurt, but for the sake of the camera in front of me (mr lim-.-), i grimaced and pretended to be in lots of pain :P haha so after that the doc put a plaster on my right arm and asked me if i had one on my left. i said yes. then he went on to prepare for the next person. then i lifted up my left sleeve, and couldnt find any plaster. so i went to bug the doc (the one who gave me the jab was distinctly unfriendly...), then i lifted up my sleeve higher and there the plaster was. i felt so stupid i burst into hysterical laughter. like seriously. then i plopped down right in front of yingxuan, who was being jabbed by the other doc (the friendlier one) and laughed like siao. and everyone laughed at me. i think the docs and nurse think i siao. ah wells(:

interesting fact no. 3: i should get an mc! my injury count is currently, from avventura, 3 cuts on right leg, one of which still hurt, 1 cut on my left leg, lots of little abrasions and bruises, aching neck, back, trunk, butt and leg muscles. and two little holes on both arms from the jab, and my right arm feels a little sore. the nurse gave me a cert, to verify that i've had jabs. but i want a MEDICAL cert :( hmph. nvm, maybe math will be interesting tmr eh :P haha it's quiz again tmr :/

and to top it all off, i havent started on my hw. got home at 550, slept till 7, ate a bit of choc and biscuits, went to my grandma hse for dinner, came back for piano, went to shower, then started blogging -.-" yes, i'm a naughty girl, i know, but who cares(: i'm still going to get my hw done anyway:D

hmm, selection camp briefing tmr. then camp on wed. (:

start of term, start anew? no, i think things are back the way they were, with a few changes. it may take a while for my mindset to change, but i'm sure it'll do one day. if others were to as well. remain as it is, it'll be tough on me.

sigh, s4s are going to be gone in a few weeks time. and i know i'll surely miss some. they are the ones who have been with us for 3 years, watched us since we were little sec 1s till now. the ones whom we turned to for advice and stuff. and next year, others are going to ask us for advice. haha, that's a bit of a joke. not just advice, maybe comfort too. and i dont think i can do half as well as the s4s. cant pull it off :/

Sunday, September 09, 2007

hai, didnt use comp for just one day only then got so many emails. which is why i need to use the comp everyday. unlike some people who clear their emails about hmm, once a year?
attempted to sleep early yesterday, but couldnt sleep so slept at 11+. woke up at 430, before the actual time of 5. i keep getting this weird dream that the race was already over. all in all, a rather restless sleep. nevertheless, felt quite refreshed for the race. probably the adrenaline.
called sihui, and she was awake, so messaged chee to wake up, showered, messaged chee again cos she didnt reply. went to eat breakfast (milo and a muesli bar...) then went off. chee was supposed to come at 545. but i tot she was prob still asleep, called her at 540, and the first thing she said was "yeah? oh s***!" haha, she's so loser lor. but anyways, she came not too late, bout 610. so we reached safra tampines. waited for sihui who was still on the bus (well least you saved $6...) and did a bit of stretching. when she finally arrived, settled some stuff then went to register/deposit bag. then mr tan said a prayer for us (haha from the race director himself lor..) then we went to get ready at the start point!
i think it was over-rated... we just stood there and waited for a long time before the guy came to say 1,2,3 go or sth like that. and even the horn blast was belated... so anyway we started running/jogging. ended up with andy elynn vivian chee juan wei. but at this road junction the s4s decided to just cross when it was a red man and we got separated. weili and serene caught up with us. but when we started again, sihui and i went ahead... we jog and jog and jog, for a super long time. half the time we didnt even know where we were supposed to go, just followed the people in front... signages were super poor. jogged for like 40+mins, before we finally reached tampines park connector or pasir ris park connector to collect our bikes. not that bad, we were around the middle...
then we went into this weird forest thingy, and it was rocky and bumpy and muddy. and we saw this lost passport on the ground o.O anyway, we turned out at the other end of the connector or sth, and cont cycling... then suddenly the people in front tell us "U-turn, U-turn!" so we U-turned lor. didnt even know why. prob took wrong route or sth. so we cont cycling (lots of people overtook us by this time. btw the open and novice also out alr...) then we had to go across this overhead bridge. so being the nice, good, law-abiding citizens that we were, we alighted to push the bike across. and people just rode past us -.- so we got fed up and just rode. so much for being a good citizen.
so we cycled and cycled until we reach pasir ris park. where we promptly got lost again. but anyway, found the checkpoint. and found out we had to pick up rubbish. spent a lot of time there... but anyway, in the end just walked into the sea to pick up this piece of driftwood. by the time we left, we were the last rgs team. the guy asked us to just "follow the trail" without giving us any specific instructions how to go where. so we just "followed the trail" of bicycle tracks. and we followed, until the group of people who made those tracks told us to "U-turn, U-turn! Dead end!" yea. serene weili chee vivian andy and elynn were with them. so we were reunited again. by this time we were in some kind of jungle thingy where there were lots of tracks to follow. so we just followed the s4s. and ended up at some aqua farm. super smelly, and there were dogs all around. was the wrong way anyway. the trail was supposed to be outside the farm. but to get there we'd have to jump off these huge concrete slabs (there weren't even proper pathways!) in the end vivian chee sihui and i found this staircase, and thrashed our way through the muddy disgusting grassy trail to the main road. where we found out the real route, was by another way. we were supposed to turn off the pseudo bicycle trail where there was this giant hi-tec banner... (btw, they didnt tell us that hi-tec banners were markers too, and that we were supposed to follow it...) hai but whatever. vivian and chee went off first, so sihui and i were straggling behind. with the rest of the novice and open...
cycled and cycled (got overtaken by zillions of novice and open people, but cos they were in a diff cat, we thought it wouldnt matter...) until we finally reach some river/canal. there was this huge queue. we were apparently supposed to attach tires to our bikes and swim across the river. juan and wei were way ahead, weili serene andy and elynn together, vivian and chee somewhere not too far in front of us, then we were the last. or so we thought. turns out there was another youth women's team behind us. but anyway, so yeah. since we had to tie the bicycles to the tires, we thought it'd be smart to tie the two bikes together first. with our slings and carabiners, like mr tan told us during training. meanwhile, there was this group of dunno novice or open people playing a fool. they were very funny and amusing. and they asked us for our sch. we started laughing, and said "very paiseh" haha it was lor, but anyway yeah. then after a long long wait, they said youths team wait at one side. turns out we're supposed to let novice/open teams go first. so sihui and i took off the slings and crabs(short for carabiners...) and waited at one side. under the shade of this tree. then we were made to wait more, so all of us (the rest of the youth teams except for the top 3 from youth women, youth men and youth mixed) went to sit at the shade of the tree. the 8 of us (everyone excluding andrealim, juan and wei) along with this 2 girls, one from no-where and the other from nus started cracking jokes and playing. quite fun. but after we waited for 2 and a half hours, it was not so fun. anyway, when it finally got to our turn, sihui and i lagged behind again. after we swam across the river, we had to cycle again. this time, the path was SANDY. no idea why, but it was disgusting. both of us fell a number of times, and turned all sandy, and black from the grease. grossness. we were alr black (and for me, white) from our little excursion to the aqua farm.. so we were prob the dirtiest, smelliest, sandiest racers in the whole race. anyway, finally got to the check point, where we were supposed to navigate. we cycled in, was about to start the navigation, when we realised our pacing was bad (ie negligible) and decided to pass over the checkpoint. so we cycled back out again. took us 10 mins.. anyway, we were ahead of weili and serene. and back with vivian and chee again. though after a while, they went ahead of us. so we cont cycling until we reached some main road of sorts, where we were to deposit our bikes and cont running to the bus stop (again, which one they didnt say...) but sihui and i were too lazy to run, so we mostly walked. it was super ulu, full of huge trucks and no one around. we walked and walked and walked (okay there were times when we ran... jogged, whatever) until we reached the main, main road. turns out we were at punggol -.- anyway, we reached the bus stop, and realised we were to take a bus to yishun safra! oh joy, finally can rest(: just nice bus came, so we boarded and yea, relaxed. then after a long while, like half an hour or sth, we reached yishun interchange, and half ran, half walked to safra. then it turns out we couldnt go straight in, had to go by this round about way. reached at 130.
then it was climbing. we thought we'd both get to climb, but turns out no. and it was really short anyway, bout 10 m or sth? then we had to reach the finishing line. again, there was a severe lack of signages and we ended up lost in the garbage collection point or sth. found our way anyway, and finally finally reached. the carpark. ie the finishing point. so that's the end of our SAFRA Avventura Race 2007. to tell the truth, i was rather disappointed. not because, as i think most of you assumed, that we werent top few (yeah, maybe from the bottom...) but cos, the whole route/race for youths was boring! all we did, was pick up rubbish at pasir ris, swim across this river after waiting for 2 and a half hours, all the while cycling and running, take a bus, and climb! i thought there'd be kayaking, rope ascend, abseiling etc... hmm anyway after that we just relaxed and walked around, take a shower, collected our goodie bags, attended the prize presentation and went for dinner. #16 minus siling + vivian and serene.
but all in all, was quite cool lah, first time participating in adventure race. might want to do it again next year, might not. see first lah.

so there goes my holidays, in a flash. it's the most not holiday holiday i ever had. i didnt even get the feeling that it was a holiday. first sat was spent at eunice's house, sun to tues at malacca, wed at house camp, thu at training, fri at bio remedial, comm meeting and osl fa course, sat at registration and sun the race. the only time i got to wake up past 9 was i think, thu. so loser lah. sigh. i want my holidays. now, it's back to four weeks of crazy mad revision and cramming, before crazy chiong-ing for last minute stuff for FAM and OSL. hmm. i think i'm going to go crazy before long. or maybe i alr am :P

Friday, September 07, 2007

hmm, much food for thought today...
bio remedial in the morning. wasnt too sure if it started at 8 or 9, but decided to take a chance and went to sch at 9. i initially woke up at 620, but figured even if class started at 8, the first hour was planet earth so the most i just miss the vid. then when i woke at 720, was debating whether to go or not, cos it's bio remedial and not like, compulosory? but decided it would be a better use of my time than sleeping, so just went anyway. din know where it was, so had to walk to class, check then walk to ava room. quite a sad turnout. from our class. only liang si and vanessa came with her friends. haha. but it was quite interesting, nonetheless. i think mr tee's upset with the poor turnout? i mean, he goes to the trouble of coming early in the morning to give remedial. even if you dont think they're much help, least appreciate the thought. hmm...
after that went to odac store to get whistles for elynn and serene. and thought that the store was so much of a mess that i had to clear a bit up. it looks a bit better now, the rest is for our ptqms to do! (:
went down to wheellock (second time in 3 days, not bad considering i hardly even go there...) to meet jaslyn and cheng ee to chope a place at fish and co. hmm, turns out there were so few people, din even need to chope. we sat down and waited for the rest to come. the waiter must have been quite pissed, cos first we kept refusing to order, then we were so noisy etc... hmm anyway lunch was quite good.
back to sch for fa course after that, cant say it was much help, it's like what we do in odac? hmm, dno lah. bugged soffia all the time though :P

haha and i've finished SS pt the write up for product! haha xP even though i havent even started on my product (a newsletter!)...

well and yeah that basically sums up my day. rather dreary and boring, when i see other people my age going out with their friends etc... but still, i'm rather contented(:

lots of stuff going through in my mind now, the most pressing of all being "am i a rather insensitive person" i dont know, i wouldnt like to think so. maybe i'm rather perceptive of what others think, but sometimes, i just dont care and just carry on being insensitive? think i hurt a lot of people unintentionally anyway. though there are times when people seriously piss me off. they probably did it unintentionally too though.
hmm, just wish people would appreciate what they have, take a step back and realise the world doesnt revolve around them. thankful for the people i have around me, even though i dont always show it.
Shut Up

There you go
You're always so right
It's all a big show
It's all about you

You think you know
What everyone needs
You always take time
to criticize me

It seems like everyday
I make mistakes
I just can't get it right
It's like I'm the one you love to hate
But not today.

So shut up Shut up Shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out Get out Get out
Get out of my way
Step up Step up Step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

There you go
You never ask why
It's all a big lie
Whatever you do

You think you're special
But I know and I know and I know
And we know that you're not

You're always there to point
Out my mistakes
And shove them in my face
It's like I'm the one you love to hate
But not today.

So shut up Shut up Shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out Get out Get out
Get out of my way
Step up Step up Step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

Is gonna bring me down.
Will never bring me down.

Don't tell me who I should be
and don't try to tell me what's right for me
Don't tell me what I should do
I don't wanna waste my time
I'll watch you fade away

So shut up Shut up Shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out Get out Get out
Get out of my way
Step up Step up Step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

So shut up Shut up Shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out Get out Get out
Get out of my way
Step up Step up Step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say
Is gonna bring me down

Bring me down
Won't bring me down
Won't bring me down
Bring me down
Won't bring me down

Shut up Shut up Shut up

-Simple Plan

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ARGHH! today's training was HORRIBLE! hmm, actually it wasnt that tiring. as in not like the lasting kind of tiredness. it's very spontaneously tiring, like when you doing you feel tired, but after you rest a while, then okay already.. it was really tough..
30 min run, then 1 hour cycling, then some bike pushing thing (up the little grassy slope, down the slope 3 times!), then cycling again all the way to changi safra (or somewhere like that), then we had to tie our bikes real tight together with slings and carabiners (although haha sihui and i, sadly failed xP), then jog all the way to the end of sparkc and back, then cycle back to the slope there to the bike pushing thingy (before that, sihui's bike chain came off, and mr tan fixed it back.. took a long while tho.) then a jog around the lake thingy (where ppl wake board, you know?), then cycle back to the bike rental place. then stretches. oh right, before that, we had to walk from macs to some carpark "700m" to the right from macs. so we walked to carpark c1. then mr tan said it's c1. which turns out to be some 100-200m away only. but sigh, not a bad warm up.
overall, i think i'm going to die on avventura. i'm never going to join it again. maybe as volunteer, heh. i think i'll just stick to climbing(:

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Superman – Five For Fighting

I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me

I’m more than a bird...i’m more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It’s not easy to be me

Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I’ll never see

It may sound absurd...but don’t be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed...but won’t you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream
It’s not easy to be me

Up, up and away...away from me
It’s all can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy...or anything...

I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
Men weren’t meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I’m only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
Inside of me
Inside me
Yeah, inside me
Inside of me

I’m only a man
In a funny red sheet
I’m only a man
Looking for a dream

I’m only a man
In a funny red sheet
And it’s not easy, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

Its not easy to be me

ahh! where to start... MALACCA!!!! the trip was super super very very fun! like seriously! hmm it's fun on a different scale, not like wales. malacca was more of the PEOPLE fun! wales was more the PLACE fun! haha well anyway, malacca was super duper cool. i mean the people(: like seriously, 17 people from our class went, how could it not be fun! my class is the coolest and the funnest class(: like almost everywhere we went, we took a class photo! haha i bet everyone else was jealous xP
so i stayed over at eunice's house... wait before that i had to go for church, and yea well, smart me nearly walked all the way to bishan cos i din know the directions. i swear, i walked all the way till i saw this "bishan town" thingy. so i backtracked. anyway found the church(: and the gospel today was about HUMILITY. hmm, think God was trying to tell me sth. anyway, after that i waited for eunice till 9+ (church ended at 7...), for the first hour at the library reading, and the second, sitting outside the library on the steps doing physics assignment. so sad right! haha anyway, after she came to look for me, we ate dinner and went back. and then slept. basically.

next morning woke up and ate breakfast (half a pau!) then left for sch. we tot we'd be srsly late... but anyway, made it in time(: and yea, so we left for malacca! slept mostly on the bus.. okay no not really... but anyway, we reached kukup, this little fishing village which depended mostly on fishing. (duh...) we walked around the village (AND SAW GRACE!! OH MY GOODNESS, I GOT SUCH A SHOCK WHEN I SAW HER. grace as in the grace in ringers.) then went to this fish farm and saw lots of cool fish (gross eunice went to touch the disgusting baby shark, and i think the doggy too) then went back for seafood lunch. place was quite unhygienic, so i din eat much. then got free time to shop around. bought a patrick and a pair of slippers (cos i din bring). then we went to malacca. slept the way there, obv. reached hotel, and ms pang assigned us this super ulu room which is far from civilisation and spooked eunice out so much. so we unpacked and got ready to go shopping at mahkota parade. and cos eunice and i din know what to get, we spent 1 hour at Giant. hahaha i think she should have pics of our very fun time there. btw, they dont have jellyjoy :( so after that went for dinner at this peranakan restaurant then shopping again at the night market. din buy anything! so proud of myself (not that there was much to buy...) haha then went back hotel. and cos after we showered, we both felt too lazy to go down to deborah and soffia's room (which became some kind of 307 headquarters), we read our books... and cos i drank coffee which i bought from giant, i couldnt sleep. attempted to do chem at 1am, din know how, and anyway, slept past 130am. (eunice was thrashing about her bed, and whacked her stuff off the table.)

woke up the next day at 730, washed up and went down for breakfast. it was quite nice, i ate porridge, omelette and some danish pastry thingy. then we went to the Portuguese settlement. spent some time there, supposed to do some stuff but ended up playing "i have never" and cam whoring (well we did that for the whole trip.... in particular *ahem* deborah...) we were playing in the swings over there when ms pang called us back. after that we went to uh, i cant rmb where.. A Fermosa i think? sth like that... i dno, it was this chapel thing at the top of the hill, which is supposedly the highest point of malacca. they've got a statue of St Francis Xavier up there, quite cool story behind it. yup then after that went for lunch at hotel meredien i think, some buffet lunch. food was disgusting... only thing which was nice was the fried siew mai(which tasted more like fish cake) and ice cream. then after that went to... chinatown! jonker street or sth like that... basically had free time there, walked up and down the streets and looked at the shops. after that still had about 1 hour to kill, so went back to the dutch square and sat there to wait. they had some kind of holland fair there, and i tried some dutch coffee. din taste any different to me :P after that we went back to the hotel. had another 2 hours there. slept for one hour, then went for dinner. which we thought was going to be held at the portuguese settlement, but turns out to be another peranakan restaurant. haha after dinner we played "i have never" again, with rice. haha super gross. then after that went back to hotel. bathed, then went to 307 HQ to play cards, watch tv and socialise. xP haha yea so we played tai ti and watched "Identity" (least that's what i think the show was called) the guy in the show super heng can, won half a million... anyway stayed there till about 1am? ate cup noodles there too... yea oh and halfway through we went to sophia and krystal's room to jump on sophia's bed(: and scare her. haha. yup so after we got back, washed up and stuff, was also 130am. so slept at 130am for those 2 days...

finally, the laast day. woke up at 730? cos we tot breakfast ended at 9, and we din want to miss that. ate omelette, the danish pastry thingy, and sushi! we could make our own, haha. oh yea i forgot to add, i ate watermelon that day and the previous day too! haha eunice and i were spitting out our seeds all over the table xP the waiter was looking at me like i was some kind of uncivilised stone age person, but haha who cares, it was super fun :P after that we went back up to sleep, cos we were supposed to meet at 10am, and i found out that breakfast actually ended at 1030. sheesh, we could have slept more! but haha, not complaining, cos after that, eunice and i went back to pack up, and went to the swimming pool to cam-whore... hmmphh, ms pang din let us go swimming (we even brought our swimming costumes!), the pool was super nice! we dipped our feet in the pool, and yea took lots of photos. then we went to this garden thingy, and stood on the parapet wall to take photos. then after that, eunice smartly jumped off (while i was telling her not to jump cos it was slippery...) and yea, slipped. lucky i was holding on to her, else no more eunice alr... hahaha xP so we went back, picked up our stuff and went to the bus. which took us to mahkota parade for another 2 hours of shopping. this time, eunice and i were getting desperate cos we both hadnt got anything for our family. so we were like, running around this time, with roy (sophia and krystal ditched us after a while). and after the frantic running around, we realised we were late and got out of the wrong exit, had to run one big round. (ie got lost) but anyway, got on the bus in the end, with a malacca shirt for my younger bro, matching superman shirts for my parents and a haha garfield file for my older bro. haha guys are so hard to shop for, particularly when they're older than you are... but anyway, it's the thought that counts right? haha so after that we hit the roads! about 2pm we stopped for lunch at this golf resort. it was a chinese restaurant, and the food was quite good, if unhealthy... (ms pang complained that it was oily and full of msg) and of cos, took more pics with the golf tee background. (i think it's called golf tee... or is it green? ahh who cares, you get the pic :D ) then went back to the bus to go back to singapore ): so yea after a really long bus ride (we pleaded for a movie to be screened, and our guide, Mr Asok, played "Next" on the tv(: he's so nice!) and a couple of rest stops, we reached singapore ): so sad.

like seriously, everytime i go overseas, it's really a holiday. even if it's educational field trips... least i dont have to worry about whatever that's going on at home, or whatever work that's due... sigh, yea of cos makes things worse when you come back, cos there's lots to settle.. but still. sigh, i miss malacca AND wales. OH! i forgot to add, on the second night, haha eunice and i got HIGHHHH!!! back in the hotel room, eunice was like hugging her pillow and dancing and singing to "i'll take my chances" which she loves. haha it was super funny. that was while i was sleeping ( i woke up and caught her in the act!) then after that when we came back from dinner, she got high on the song again! this time, she sat in the bath tub, used the shower head as her mic and sat there singing! hahah was super funny. called razia and nitya over to see the silly act, and we all four got high! haha(:

hmm anyway yea, was sad when we reached school. we all moaned simultaneously, and even the teachers agreed that they didnt want to go back ( i think so...) anyway cos my family was still in hk, and apparently saw 4 pandas at Ocean Park, i had to take public transport home. was going to take a mrt, but got too lazy/tired so took a cab to my aunt's house. cost me $14.40. thank goodness i traded Rm20 for $10 with eunice, else i got no money... so yea reached my aunt's house, ate dinner, watched tv, watched my poor cousin study math for her prelims, read "for one more day" watched more tv, then went to sleep. woke up at 9, ate breakfast, then my aunt sent me back home. of cos, the first thing i did when i reached home was to check my mail. heh xP dont think i could have stayed at kukup, cos of the lack of internet. hahaha but yea, so after that checked my email, sent out a couple of email, stressed over undone work, showered, changed into hadley shirt and culottes and took mrt down to sch. met at far east, ate lunch then went for urban hike. was quite fun(: too tired to elaborate more, will talk next time. anyway on my way back, realised i still had math tuition T.T sigh, but it was fun. laughed a lot, about dno what.

anyway my parents should be back some time now! i think... hmm they'll all be back before 1230am anyhow:D (sigh, just when i was starting to appreciate the freedom xP)

avventura training tmr!!!! ahhhh.... still havent prepared for it, for all the emails i sent out....

Saturday, September 01, 2007

in half an hour's time,i'll be leaving home till wed! first going to eunice's house (what we'll be doin there, i have no idea), then tmr malacca till tues, go my aunt's house to stay, then wed dump stuff at home before going to sch (i guess house camp it is... dont think she'll allow spsb outing to be a valid excuse:( ) then at night prob go to airport to pick my family up from hk(: so that's about it, half my holidays gonnnneeee. hmprfh, still dno how to do chem ws...