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Thursday, October 16, 2008

didnt fall asleep in any lessons today! taken to sleeping right before options, so i wont fall asleep during.

everything in life, you have to give and take. you cant have everything. today was the last of bio options, left early cos i needed to get down to lab park. but though bio options (which incorporates math and philo) was fairly cheem at times and even downright boring, i still think it's quite interesting and gives much food for thought. and i'd really like to take time to think about some issues more, discuss and learn more about it, but well, right now is not the time. then when is it?

feeling a bit frazzled right now, it's a long and packed weekend ahead. but everytime i think that, stuff ends up being cancelled. psb nite tmr, chi mock exam, chek jawa monitoring on sat, dairy farm climbing or visiting ms lim on sun. but even after you put in the big stones in a jar, you fill it up with little pebbles. so you get a very full and compact jar afterwards.

it's like you've got this pile of clothes sitting there, which you have to fold. but on top of that, you've got little kids running and screaming, jumping around and waiting to be placated. dismal grades being constantly on my mind, though i know i can do nothing about it. but still, you have to evaluate and find out what went wrong. and chinese. oh goodness, O levels are disgusting. and we're only taking ONE subject.

bleargh, sometimes i wish i could fall sick easily. and just not go to school for one day, sit at home and do things i want.

and reading chinese chengyu books arent working. i've been reading them before i sleep every night, and i always find nice chengyus that well, pretty much describe how i feel sometimes, but everytime, the next morning, i forget what it means. darned.

if you know what they mean, pray please tell me. to save me the trouble of having to check again.

i would ask google translator for help, but it's not that smart yet.

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