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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

exhausted; got a thousand and one things on my mind.

but at least finally, finally something is starting to get going.

perhaps not much to do, but well still have to think about it. osl stuffs, odac stuffs, pss (peer support sharing! 25 oct), lead camp, icyl, and the most annoying of all, fam.

chinese, chinese and more chinese. horrible grades to contend with. think i'm gonna cut down on activities next year, but how much more i can cut i dont know, cos there are some stuff that's def gonna stay.

on a brighter note, climbing improved(: at the expense of my hands, sadly. well if something comes out of it, it'll be pretty much worth it.

成语 of the day: 沽名钓誉 - to do something merely for the good reputation/name (something which we shouldn't do. shouldnt do SL/join council just cos it looks good on your portfolio, that's just so shallow and well it reflects pretty badly on your morals.)

countdown to Os: 21 days
countdown to OSL: 46 days

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