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Sunday, October 12, 2008

number of days left to chinese O levels: 24
number of chinese papers left to do: 18

freaakkk. i'm starting to feel really stressed over chinese. really really dont think i can get my A, which means i will need to take it again next year. cos i want an A.

options ending this week, which means essay, scrap book, show and tell, film due. :/ amongst other things.

some net carn photos! i really think i didnt cam-whore enough (imagine if i had my own camera...) but nevermind, we'll go out another time in our pretty class shirts and tie two tails :P

sophia sim, me and roy(: and you can see the back of soff's shirt.nair taking the photo, roy, soff, liangzi, me, sophia, tess.
back of tess's and my shirt, and i like the look on nair's face xDour first match of the day! me, fanny, nair, shaina, tess, kim, sophia, eunice(: against 408 btw.watching a game:D a bit blur :/ me, roy, liangsi, yin yun.
class photo! though not entire class..class photo!:D :D :Dclass lunch at marina square food court. tess, me, shaina, soff(:

more photos when i get them! ahh i miss net carn :( i'll miss netball, inter class competitions, and most of all, 407<3

loaded day tmr.

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