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Monday, October 13, 2008

went to carrefour after options today to get, not 1, not 2, but 10 freaking boxes of muesli bars. the cashier must have thought soff and i were going for some camp or that we're just freaks. but they're really nice(: considering it's $1.80 for a box of 6.

and amazingly, for the first time, i managed to fall asleep while standing up on the train! without like, falling over or doing sth equally embarrassing.

and seriously, i never knew woodlands was so darned near to m'sia! soff actually WENT to johor, after buying bars at carrefour, just to eat SUSHI. apparently it takes less time for her family to get to johor than it does to go to pasir ris...

my grades are seriously the disappointment of my life. it is freaking the worst grades i've gotten in my entire 4 years. i think if you look up 一落千丈 (to suffer a disastrous decline; to decline drastically) in the 成语 dictionary, you'll find me and my grades there.

and there's that extremely high possibility, that for the first time in 10 years, my chinese might actually score better than my english. and it's not because my chinese suddenly 突飞猛进 (to advance (or develop) by leaps and bounds; to progress rapidly) , but more because my english really :(

'tis a depressing subject. and i propose that from henceforth, the name given to that dreaded report we get back at the end of each academic year be changed to "regress report". or okay, maybe to give credit to those who actually did manage to progress, it should just be "__________ report", and the teacher will fill in the blank accordingly.

countdown to Os: 22 days (as the HMT dept kindly reminded us today)
countdown to OSL: 47 days

成语 of the day: 思潮起伏 - to have many things on your mind; new thoughts keep coming in.

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