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Monday, October 12, 2009

i realise that most of the time, in life, you're just trying to strike a balance. a state of dynamic equilibrium maybe. cos whenever you reach a balance, think that everything is going just fine, the way you want it to be, something will come and tip it one way or another again. and you struggle to reach another balance. like le chatelier's principle i guess.

sunday morning was spent at safra quadthlon. cycled over to ecp early in the morning, and it was a really nice morning. lingered around before the start of the race, took photos for the 2 rj teams and zann's team too. congrats to zann's team for getting 3rd! considering they're the youngest and everything (:

and yay i can finally download photos from my bro's cam, thanks to ben aw for lending the cable.

Canon Photo Marathon
weird guy who used damn lot of coupons.
group photo.sunset.

Safra Quadthlon
yuda, jeanhui, juan. short of their swimmer, no idea why he isnt in the photo :/
rachel, theodore, dew and matthias.

and i really cant quite believe that i'm actually reading campbell for bio o selection test tmr. i mean what are the chances? but ah wells, just try i guess.

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