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Sunday, October 18, 2009

weekend's just been pretty hectic. really makes me think i cant cope with everything and still expect to not decline in psychological health or sth. dont think i'm making sense - which proves me point.

i'll either find a new equilibrium, or something has to give.

so many things on my mind, from the most mundane of washing clothes and other house stuff, to pw and srp and everything else.

semakau today was awesome. couple of scouts joined us (i had one from maldives and one local. and they were all older than me..) and i saw octopus (spotted by one of the scouts!), huge noble volute (which is a.. mollusk.. snail..), thunder crab, upside down jelly fish, knobbly sea star, common sea star, sea cucumber, hairy crab, among other stuff (: octupus made my day :D

had dinner with some of the team seagrass people, and it was interesting.

hope coming week's gonna be okay.

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