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Sunday, January 23, 2011

been going back to sch quite often these few days. kinda miss the things we did in sch. apart from the studying (giving tuition is not very fun T.T)

first was ecolit talk for jip. then st johns island trip with rsi for jip too.

st johns was awesome. one of the few overnight "trips" i had in rj that was not in sch. i think the first was class camp and after that the st johns trip. it was really a very awesomely fun camp, i really enjoyed myself on st johns. the people and the activities and the place and everything (: thank God for the good weather and that i could go for it (:

i miss exploring the shores. really really miss it, i'm so much more comfortable on the shore (or at least in marine habitats) as compared to like forests (terrestrial). not that i dont like terrestrial, just that well marine is much more awesome.

only my camera is still somewhere in japan. sighs.

i may be dao and reclusive but i really enjoy talking to people. about things i do.

went to bukit timah nature reserve (btnr) ytd for some nparks volunteer session, and like whoa the place is crowded. damn crowded. looks like orchard road. scary much, i'm never going there on weekends. i remember last time when odac went there to train, there definitely werent that many people. or foreigners. and yeah i dunno if that's a good or bad thing. i suppose that's where management comes in.

parties are definitely not my kind of thing but i had fun at lynnette's birthday party/sleepover. resulted in 4 hours of sleep before going for diving pool session 1.

diving is so amazingly cool. pool session was fun enough, glad i didnt have much problems with it. cant wait for actual dives (: (:

so similar yet so different.

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