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Monday, January 24, 2011

finally spring cleaning the house! after like 5 years, since we moved in... but won't really be clearing out my room. that would probably be when we're moving house, later in the year.

looking at all the photos and meeting them again after almost a month, i really really miss the krabi trip. the awesome and fun times. no adult to chaperone us, everyone squeezing into one room and all the late nights and early mornings, meals walks and climbs together (and everything else!) and everything. i miss those times. and the worse feeling is knowing, even then, that you might never get the same experience again. thanks to jolyn, lynnette, andrew, clement and randy for the materialisation of the trip and the awesome times we had (:

and i counted. i have at least 22 shirts from events/organisations that i was in (at least because there are quite a few more that i didnt count), and at least 22 shirts/singlets from comps that i participated in. just the past 6 years alone. now i dont know what to do with them. they've been hiding in my drawers mostly. dont really want to give them away, cos for one it's quite weird and for another each shirt brings back memories, mostly fond memories. maybe i'll cut them up and turn them into some kinda patchwork quilt. maybe.

work starts next week. this is my last "free" monday. i'm gonna be busy with work, and tuition and whatever else that comes along. it's quite sad really. i wont be having so much freedom for a long time. but the experience is gonna be awesome (: i hope.

still so many people i want to meet up and catch up with.

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