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Sunday, January 16, 2011

hmm been mia for quite long. least i think it's long. i really havent seen some people in more than a month. not talked to people in weeks. i feel almost like a recluse, but yet i've been quite busy. maybe this is what life is gonna be like from now on. you're busy doing other things and have less time for "older" friends. or maybe, it's just me :/

was in bangkok for the first half of last week. for the first time in memory, my family (minus the only schooling kid) went overseas just to shop. probably the last too. only reason we went bangkok was cos had a free week's stay in some service apartment there.

it was cool how taking cab is actually quite a bit cheaper than taking the mrt equivalent. and the cabs were everywhere. so unlike singapore. it's just scary how fast the cab metre jumps in singapore. cck to sg zoo cost me $15.40 :(

and yeah, clothes are quite cheap in bangkok. and the food too. but the air quality sucked. nonetheless, i like holidays in general (: i'd really really like to go backpacking one day.

came back singapore for a day, before going for a camp in the zoo! i'm increasingly spending my days in the west. now i realise why people stay in the west. the east is not gonna be good unless i go overseasss.

zoo camp was awesome fun, though quite tiring. learned more stuff, met more people.

but i wonder why doesnt wrs, nparks and rmbr collaborate more. maybe objectives different, maybe ideals and working styles. but they're all to do with education, nature, biodiversity, research, conservation and stuff so i dont know. they all seem kinda isolated. but these are probably the few places i can work at when i come back. it's just gonna depend on whether i want to do education and outreach or research and fieldwork or what.

and maybe, a paradox of people like me (or maybe just me). to have more people to want to know more about nature, to be more concerned about the environment and biodiversity, to know and love nature. but yet, with that, it means that outdoor, nature-y places, already so scarce in singapore, are gonna be crowded, which is not what i want. i dont like crowds. i like nature and the outdoors precisely because there are fewer people. but yet without more people knowing and loving and hence caring for it, then these places will be gone. but then with more people coming, there's gonna be damage and impact and it'll probably be gone, or at least changed (to become more man-made and uncool).

do i make sense? i get what i mean but i dont think others do, i know i'm not that good a writer.

cant wait for diving course to start and end (: i dont care that i cant drive, i just wanna dive.

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