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Thursday, January 27, 2011

went back to rj on tue morning again to talk to the j1s. on intertidal ecology or sth like that. i dont know how much of intertidal ecology i knew 2 years ago, but it's still pretty amazing how much i've learnt since i started getting interested in these stuff in s3. still so much more to learn though, like mangrove plants! and other stuff..

diving lessons so far have been pretty awesome, i love the feeling of scuba diving, apart from the cold. it's really really cold. cant wait to go out into open water! and see hantu underwater :D

then yesterday morning was spent at admiralty park mangroves. doing the mega marine survey with nparks and tmsi. really really muddy, lots of polychaetes (bristleworms. kinda like earthworms only they have bristles) abound and long-tailed macaques. hard work, but i enjoyed myself pretty much. fieldwork is always awesome.

super tired now, not been getting adequate sleep the past few weeks? but at least i dont need to go to school anymore :D though there's still tuition :/ hope i dont burn out in the coming year..

goodbyes are always hard to say. and farewells are always sad.

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