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Friday, January 28, 2011

woke up earrlllyyyy today to climb at dairy farm. but rain :( walking halfway suddenly downpour :( monsoon season sucks.

ended up slacking at king albert park for a long time, eating island creamery ice cream :D before going down to climb asia.

my climbing schedule is screwed, havent climbed in 3 weeks then yesterday and today boulder, then prob not gonna climb for another two weeks. sighs. hand pain :(

but totally cant wait to dive tomorrow, like REAL diving and not in the swimming pool! :D :D even though it'll probably be cold, and might possibly rain (nooo...) and the visibility wont be very good... but still! something i always wanted to do. and actually did.

oh and i got my 7th camera. traded in spoilt number 5 for new number 7. olympus mju tough 6000. hopefully it'll last long(er). i'll try to make sure it does. try.

no more free weekdays!! work starts next mon. filled with trepidation and horror at having to wake up super early everyday while going back late, but very excited about the job (:
and i realise i havent said what my job is. i'll be at the zoo! but not zoo keeper.

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