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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

i realise my last post was my 888th post.

but anyways, so i've been working for 3 days now (more like 2.5 days), and so far, i'm not regretting the long travelling hours (: gotta wake up early, earlier than i've been in my past decade of schooling, but least there's a 30min bus ride when i can kip a bit.

and work so far's been quite fun (: much to learn and remember but least there's variation and little animals to play with and stuff. and programmes with kids start next week!

went back to rj for ecolit stuff ytd, talked a bit before heading over to macritchie. dont remember going to mr in the evening before, but anyway it's a totally different experience from going in the mornings/afternoon. went through the trail which we'll be bringing pri sch kids to and plants/animals along the trail. and walking back through the forest trail was totally like walking in some enchanted forest. the half-light and the noisy cicadas/frogs and everything. i wanna go for forest night walk sometime!

many places i wanna go, many things i wanna do. hoping i'll actually do them..

happy chinese new year friends (:

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