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Friday, February 25, 2011

the past week was not a good week for me.

first on monday at macritchie, i hit my head REALLY HARD on the info boards at the visitor centre. cos i bent down to pick up some stuff and got up in a rush, forgetting the boards above my head. i can still feel the bruise now.
then on wednesday, again at macritchie, i fell off the boardwalk. cos i was walking backwards while talking to the students we were guiding. fortunately the water level was not high, or i'd have gone swimming. but there was some plant there with thorns or sth, and i got splinters stuck under my skin. that couldnt be removed on my own with tweezers.
and finally today, i got a sore throat and fever. ultimatum. i hate having a fever cos i'll be feeling cold perpetually, and it gives me headaches as well.

and now i feel like i've been grounded. stuck at home for the weekend :( maybe i'll get to go out on sunday.

and i realise almost everytime i fall ill with fever, my dad's not in singapore. in 2009, he was in malaysia. in 2010, both my parents went for the anniversary holiday. and this year, he's in malaysia again. maybe my dad should not go overseas. it sucks when he's overseas cos i have to go to the doctors on my own and walk home after that, feeling like crap.

enough whining, i guess lots of people are also down with flu or some other bug that's been going around. take care and get well people (:

i am very excited about moving house. i like moving house. i like moving around, dont like to be sessile and sedentary. i've not stayed at a house for more than 5 years; i think the current house is the one we've been staying in for the longest time, close to 6 years. so anyway, back to moving house, my parents are renovating the place we're gonna move back to. and i'm happy i get my own room still :D

the walls are gonna be green and the ceiling blue. hope it doesnt end up looking weird. was wondering if they could paint white splotches on the ceiling too to make it look like clouds.

and i'm having trouble deciding which uni to accept now. gonna wait for D-day (coming soon! D: ) and for US unis to reply first i guess.

you know i'd never say.

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