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Saturday, February 26, 2011

stuck at home with nothing much to do, so i decided to work on my compare & contrast table for my unis.

it's so hard to decide which uni to go to. between edinburgh, st andrews, sheffield and exeter. anyone has suggestions/advice?

so anyway been surfing the websites of aforementioned unis to check them out properly (during apps period i didnt really bother cos there were more pressing issues to deal with like studying for As..). was thinking that edinburgh didnt really appeal much to me (like it's not near the sea unlike st andrews and exeter, and there isnt heavy emphasis on fieldwork like exeter and they didnt offer scholarship (some science international scholarship that all singaporeans who go there is automatically awarded) unlike sheffield) but thennnn, i was checking out their sports facilities and realise they have a climbing wall/gym! so edinburgh immediately jumps several points in the favourable aspect.

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