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Sunday, February 13, 2011

you know, this thought never occurred to me. but i think it's gonna be possible that i'll wish i could go uni earlier or something. I'M INCREDIBLY BORED AT HOME.

i dont know what i was thinking, maybe that i'd find something to do at home (i should..) or something that would occupy my time at nights at home. it's not that i am very free; there are many things i want to do and places i want to go. just not the kind you can do for a few hours at night? or maybe it's just not what i wanted.

that's why i dont really want to be at home. cos there's nothing to do. maybe i should start playing my piano more often (but at night, i'd be disturbing people's sleep...) or pick up guitar (finally) or something. anyone got anything for me to do at home??

Chances are only what we make them / And all I need

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