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Friday, March 04, 2011

after doing camp at the zoo with pri 3 kids, i realise they dont really know english. they dont know how to speak proper english and they dont quite understand it. i thought they speak singlish cos you know, like when we talk amongst friends we dont speak proper english either, but really, they can't even ask "where will you be sleeping tonight?" in proper english. "where you sleeping tonight" gets 2 votes, "you sleep where tonight" gets 3 votes. scary much.

and really, all i want to do is thank God for everything.

though honestly, while i really care about grades and stuff, even when i do get good grades, it's nothing much. in the sense that i dont really celebrate, my parents dont really celebrate (and i dont get rewards for good grades either, ever) and it's just. not really a big deal. like birthdays and christmases and new years.

tired. brightsparks gave an annoyingly heavy bag full of not-very-interesting information that i had to lug around.

long day tomorrow. filled with events that i cant go for; why is 5 mar such a popular day and why do events always have to clash.

looking forward to next friday. holiday (:

hope everyone's happy enough. God will provide.

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