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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sport cars annoyed the shit out of me. it's not that they're not environmentally friendly or whatever (though that's a partial reason). it's the NOISE they make. i dont know if it's cos of F1, or cos of where i'm staying now, but i keep hearing a lot of sports cars these days.

annoying people who drive around sports cars in the night, i hear them revving and zooming off, and i secretly hope they'll crash and never buy another sports car again. evil of me, i know, but seriously. people are trying to do work/sleep, and the annoying engine noise the car makes just pisses me off. and seriously, do you really need a sports car in singapore? where there are traffic lights every 50m or something, and the speed limit on expressways is 90km/h or something?

annoying show-offs :/ sighs that was just 2 paragraphs of pure ranting. but i honestly cant stand those cars.

and there's also this thing that makes this beeping noise at night. like a car beeping thrice. pause a few seconds then beeps thrice again. starts at around dusk all the way through the night, i think. wouldnt know if it's exactly all through the night cos i would be asleep by 2am latest. but it's annoying me as well. might be some kind of animal... if i could know what it is, i'd feel better about it. but as it is, it just annoys me as well.

or maybe i'm just in an easily annoyed mood. i cant wait for my ucas submissions to be over.

island peak is in 3 weeks. i'm still feeling a little surreal. i know it's happening but i'm not really processing it. i'm thinking about it in a very logical, rational way, cos i know it's coming and i think about what i need to prepare. but i dont know, still not really really feeling it i guess. a bit like that time in s3 during ringers syf. i went through the whole thing knowing it, but not really feeling it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

turns out i did appear on tv news (briefly), where i was talking to Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin at yesterday's symposium! telling him about... seagrass! and Cyrene Reef :) he seemed more interested in sea stars at Cyrene than seagrass though...

people may not think much of seagrass, but i owe seagrass quite a bit actually... my first documentary appearance (again, briefly), magazine interview, shaking hands plus a picture with Jane Goodall, and most of all, my passion for Nature haha.

will post on yesterday's symposium soon, but for now gotta concentrate on uni applications. for the sake of my future, i have forgone my climbing and Island Peak training and blogging on the symposium...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

i am feeling the stress of uni applications all over again. especially this time to a place like Cambridge. After much deliberation and fickle-mindedness, i think i'll apply to Cambridge over Oxford. if anyone feels otherwise, i would be glad to hear your opinion, but i dont have much time left so i'll prob still stick with Cam anw.

and yes, i missed the Singapore deadline for Cambridge admissions, which means i will need to fly over for my interview (if i make it past the 20% cut). just thinking about it stresses me out; expectations and more expectations.

i will have to stop procrastinating and send out everything soon. apparently i will need to snail mail my transcript and reference over. by 15 october.

on a less personal note, the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III (BoSS3) is over! i really enjoyed myself during the symposium, it was a platform of wonderful stories and updates and what the past was and what the future will be like. i will blog more on this later.

i managed to make my point (again) about the lack of biodiversity/ecology education on secondary schools/junior colleges. first was during Open Lab Opening Ceremony, to the Director General of MOE. whether she remembered and took action, i dont know, but apparently change is underway for the sec sch bio syllabus... :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

so today marks the last day of my first full-time job.

though technically i was considered a part-timer, but since i had to go to work everyday, i think it's pretty full-time. it was a really good 8 months in the Zoo, and the experience really opened up my eyes. to the real world.

being in a corporate environment, almost everything is about business and economics. and the "higher-up's decisions". some things make no sense (like canceling Halloween Horrors when it's been in the works for 7 months, 2 weeks before the event), but even if everyone disagrees with it, as long as THE ONE says it, no one can do much about it. everything is just so political and annoyingly hierarchal and rigid.

but disregarding the upper level management issues, on the ground level, it's really been a great time for me. i really feel fortunate to have this for my first job, where colleagues are very nice and understanding and friendly and nice to be around; where they're no longer just colleagues in a workplace but people whom i can call friends. and whom i can trust.

the cleaners, horticulture uncle, entrance staff, keepers and in fact, almost everyone you meet around the zoo will all be missed. it's a very nice and friendly culture, and i will really miss the time i've spent there. despite the 1.5-2 hour, twice daily journeys, waking up early and going home late.

i will miss lunch time topics, tea time chats, doing classes, interacting with people/tourists in the park. answering calls, replying emails, creating order entries, sending out 1200++ mail to preschools around singapore etc. and most of all, taking care of the department's animals.

i never really liked animals before, but now i'm much better with them. gonna miss all of them very much, being able to play with them and take care of them.

just too many things in my head now, too tired to process and output in a sensible manner. been a mad, long week, and this weekend is just as packed with coastal cleanup tomorrow morning at lim chu kang east mangrove.

work at the museum starts next week. i'm highly anticipating it, still not too sure what exactly i'll be doing. but i will dearly miss my old job. and all the friends whom i've been seeing almost daily the past few months.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

random thought, but while walking home today, i thought about my future and i realised, i probably won't have kids. as much as i really love them and want to have some of my own.

maybe cos i'm selfish, or maybe i'm just thinking of them. i want to do lots of things, esp travel, and to have my kids having to tag along with me where ever i go would not be fair to them, neither would leaving them behind in singapore while i go around. and i suppose i would want to dedicate myself whole heartedly to my job, and not have to think about other things.

but then again, this world is getting in worse and worse shape. would i really want my kids to live in a world where you can only find animals in zoos, and plants in nature parks? where ppl know how to interact with a machine more than a fellow human being? or i dunno, i cant really fathom what life will be like a couple of decades down the road. would things get better, or worse? will more people start caring for the environment, from individuals all the way to corporations and governments? and everyone lives life sustainably and economics is not the driving force of the world? or will everything just slowly go to depletion as we create more and more man-made things and ignore the natural world?

i'm starting to rant, so maybe i shall stop. in any case, i'm no where near marriage even, so let's not get ahead of ourselves and think of kids.

this week has been a long week. extremely long. and next week, i'll be starting a new job in a new place with new people.

so many things to do. honestly, my biggest fear is probably disappointment. of disappointing myself, and disappointing others. i feel like too many people have got too many expectations of me, and i'm not delivering. i dont want to let anyone down.

really tired. it's been a mad week with too many late nights and too many things happening.

Monday, September 12, 2011

been working 3 nights in a row. sat, sun mon night. all for Mid-Autumn festival. aka Moon Night festival. well, for my last weekend there, it sure gave me a taste of how working in a corporate environment might be.

tired out. many things on my mind, many things to do -- that i'm afraid i'm not able to do. which compounds the stress.

i'll be starting work (read: internship) at a new place next week onwards. to most, i guess it's not as fun/cool as my current. but those who know, well it's pretty cool. i'm not quite sure what exactly i'll be doing there, but it's definitely quite different from what i'm doing now.

i will miss the animals. not gonna be able to cuddle or play with them whenever i want to. gonna miss all the fun as well, cos undoubtedly this job has many fun moments. and definitely will miss the people. i'm real glad my first work experience (proper one and not a 2 week Work Experience Programme) was with these awesome people.

the haze is perpetual :/ not that i'm really badly affected by it. it actually makes the reservoir look very un-singaporean.

24 hours in a day is not enough.

Friday, September 09, 2011

sometime through the day today i realised i havent blogged here in a long time. super busy recently, been staying up late and waking up early. in fact, i think i slept more during camp then when i'm out of camp.

still many things on my mind, but i really need to get to bed soon cos there's training tomorrow. diee, i'm gonna dieee. and this weekend is madness because of mid-autumn festival.

climbing today was good though, i felt really satisfied (: after not climbing in two weeks, haha i managed to climb a little further then i thought i could. it feels good when with every move you think you're gonna fall, but somehow you still manage to hang on :D though admittedly they werent a hard route, i just have zero endurance (on the wall) now.