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Monday, October 17, 2011

leaving for Island Peak (aka Imja Tse) in Nepal tomorrow!! excited but wondering if can make it.

itinerary here, if you're interested.

spent the day buying last minute things and submitting scholarship application and half panicking. and i ate durian :)

and i had a $2.60 haircut. :D

2 bag packs (18kg), 1 carry on pack and 1 camera bag with film camera. i hope i manage to shoot decent photos!! but there's always digital for backup :P or maybe it's the other way round, if olympus tough is not tough enough...

k see you guys back on 4 nov! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i think i'll change my blog template. but after i'm back from nepal.

anyway it was a pretty good weekend! B&J chunkfest yesterday was a bit of a disappointment. they started 20 minutes late, we all had to wear red wrist tags (that serve no purpose other than to identify you as someone who came for chunkfest) and it started drizzling! it was on a very muddy grass patch too.

so soff and i grabbed our Americone Dream and Late Night Snack, which tasted almost exactly the same except that Late Night Snack was saltier, and left. but at least i went for chunkfest. and know not to go for another one instead. free cone day over chunkfest anytime!!

and managed to pull off my mom's surprise birthday party today. a couple of lies, a house visit to my mom's sec sch friend, some messages and emails, a lot of coordinating by my dad and some from jon, with video contribution by my older bro. it turned out pretty well. mom was very very surprised, the guests seemed to enjoy themselves and best of all, my mom collected $2k plus! cos birthday presents are usually not very useful and it's such a pain for ppl to think of what to bring, and anyway my mom's trying to raise funds for our church mission trip in Dec, so decided to ask the guests to donate money to charity instead of giving her presents. and she's topping it up dollar for dollar :D

so it's been a pretty slack weekend, but i've got lots of things left to do. scholarship application, tying up loose ends for work, last minute buying and packing for the trip...

and i borrowed a film camera from my bro's friend! hopefully photos wont turn out horrendous D: D: film cameras are actually pretty cool cos you anticipate the time when you can develop your film and find out what your photos look like.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I had a wonderful day today!!! :D

first, had an unexpected trip to Changi :) :) with NUS year 1 life sciences students. saw lots of awesome creatures :) they did seine-netting off the beach, and some groups managed to catch very awesome stuff like swimming sea anemone!

and sea horse!
among many other awesome things :) will blog about it here later.

and then after that i went climbing! yay, climbed twice this week :) though no rock climbing for the next 3 weeks... only ice climbing near the peak! D:

being the day before Climb On, there were very few people at Onsight. and with most people not free to climb/overseas, i climbed with jon only, and managed to climb more than i have in a while (:

and i thought i lost my atc and karabiner, but i found it in the lost & found corner of Onsight! :) yayy. and i found a necklace i thought i lost, and my ucas application has finally been submitted!

so today was a very awesome day (: i hope the weekend will be awesome too.

there's Ben & Jerry's Chunkfest tomorrow!! hope the queues wont be ridiculously long and the price ridiculously high.

i'm thinking of changing my blog template. it hasnt changed for 3 years i think. and blogger suggested new templates. should i change? if i do, it means readers can add comments etc, but i think my photos will have to go...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i suck at a lot of things, but i dont really care, mostly. i suck at physics, i'm not exactly a top sportsperson, i cant really do humanities, and my arts is non-existent. i cant draw, my piano playing is merely passable, i cant dance for nuts, and i can barely sing.

i cant care less about physics, or soccer/badminton/whatever, but something about music really draws me. dance and art can interest me for a while, but not for long. i guess music is something that most people deem as very important as well.

only when i see little kids sing, and sing well, i feel like, damn why i cant sing half as well! and thanks to yapsihui, i totally wasted my night listening to kids singing on youtube. Maddi Jane, Noelle and Connie Talbot (not new. though it's interesting to see how she've grown up since she first appeared on international news).

America has lots of talent, really, i dont understand why they're not trying to save themselves. i saw this article some days ago about America. it was written by Thomas Friedman, about what needs to be done for US to continue thriving and what isnt being done. probably the same old, he probably has been talking about it for quite some time already.

not that i really care about the US, i still prefer UK. my only gripe is that whoever films Connie Talbot's videos should probably invest in a better sound system. Maddi Jane and Noelle sound so much better, though Connie also has a beautiful voice (and she looks more innocent).

argh, my self-discipline is terrible. less than a week to departure and i'm still not done with my scholarship application :/ and it's so late now.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

i have noticed how facebook is taking over the world. my world at least.

i used to go on msn every. single. night. without fail. then i got a macbook, and anyway went to junior college, where i realise most people are busy studying and hardly go online. or they have training till so late at night they scarcely have the energy to go online. and i got adium.

but the new hotmail interface has some chat thingy as well, and that interferes with adium i think, so for a while now, i've stopped logging onto adium. the hotmail chat thing is automatic, when i check my hotmail, so i just leave it there. only thing is, it doesnt alert me when someone's chatting with me, and i hardly visit my hotmail page. so i usually end up "ignoring" them.

and most unfortunately, i check my fb page very often. just like a typical singaporean (we hold the record for spending the most time on fb). but anyway, so i get alerted to people chatting with me on fb very quickly.

so i've realised that recently, i've been chatting with people online almost entirely on fb! D:

and i've been noticing a trend of posting picture quotes on fb. which reminds me of tumblr.

on an unrelated note, it's a little more than a week to nepal!!!! ahhhh. last minute things to prepare. today was the last training D: slack training, i like (:

i have many things to blog. only keep procrastinating :/ (i have stopped using the "no time" excuse)

Friday, October 07, 2011

looking through my gmail now, trying to clear my inbox (learning to use the Archive function). and it just provided me with a kinda sneak peek into the life i was leading back in rg days. research studies (rs) stuff, then there was student congress for a while, and student leaders network (sln), and hadley house committee, then asia pacific conference for giftedness (apcg), then dwen an service learning exchange programme, tripod camp, some outdoor activities club (odac) and overseas service learning (osl) stuff, a smattering of academic subject matters and a bit of work experience programme (wep) and farewell alma mater (fam) stuff...

i dont know how i managed my last 2 years of secondary school life. i just remember it was hectic and stressful but also my most enjoyable 2 years of sec sch.

kinda tired now. went to the Zoo for children's day! (: miss the place very much. was really nice to be back. i realise i really enjoy talking to little kids and telling them about biodiversity/conservation issues.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

had a great weekend (so far).

thursday was half a nightmare, after finding out from the College Admissions Office (newly set up!) that i MUST apply to cambridge through the school, else they wont recognise that i've an A levels cert. minor panicking ensued, but i'm glad that with the efficiency and support from awesome teachers, applications should be able to make it through without further problems

also had a good chat with mr lim, and well i guess i should be writing more. not here, but on my other blog. scientific writing, i guess? :/ gap year is not slack.

after work on friday, attended a seminar on illegal wildlife trade in cambodia, and what Wildlife Alliance has been doing to combat it. captivating and enriching, i really liked what they were doing and it's awesome that such people/organisations exist -- gives people like me hope (:

would have stayed on for the q&a session, but had to rush to snow city to test our gear for nepal, and practice some ropework! undoubtedly fun, though cold. made me wish we were going nepal just for fun and not to climb a mountain T.T i'm starting to question if i can actually make it.

after 2 hours in sub zero temperatures, headed to the zoo for a "slumber party". great fun and payback, but i couldnt hold out past 2am? and for the first time in a veryyy long time, i didnt shower before sleeping at night. was too tired. still am tired. permanently tired and sleep deprived - i think my eyes are now half their previous size.

attended 2 weddings today; first was as part of church choir, second was my distant aunt's wedding at sentosa beach. and saw 2 weddings in the zoo in the  morning as well. been attending a number of weddings, esp this month. which inevitably led me to wonder about my own wedding. needless to say, i cannot imagine the groom (though my church friend predicts someone lean, sporty, intelligent and humourous). nonetheless, i thought about where i'd want to have my wedding, the food i'll have, the ceremonies etc etc. haha and conclusion is i cant be bothered thinking about all that when it's all still so far away in the distant future. the first couple in the morning dated for 12 years before the question was popped. the second couple is in their early 30s. and my dad said i have to be married by 26 or 27, i dont rmb. i highly doubt that will happen.

my brain is calling for sleep now, and my macbook too. guess my symposium (and many other posts) will need to remain on hold :/