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Monday, August 06, 2012

Off to the Philippines!

The one week flew past quickly, way too quickly.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Singapore, the wonderful weather and the wonderful places.

Met some interesting people and had some pretty nice discussion and talk.

Clearing trash from Lim Chu Kang mangroves on Sat morning, then climbing at Climb Asia with Jon (my younger bro) in the afternoon.

Seagrass monitoring at Cyrene Reef with TeamSeagrass on Sun morning.

Talking to P1 kids at Frontier Primary about marine life and trash on Mon morning.

Then a mad rush to get all my things sorted for the Philippine trip. And best of all, an email telling me that my CAS (required for my UK visa application) is being prepared and will be sent to me soon. Immense relief, for a while I thought I might end up having to take another year off!

Very sad that I won't be around for National Day, considering that I'm leaving for UK soon. But nonetheless, had fun celebrating National Day on our shores!

Off to Philippines now, won't be back for a month! 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

1 week in Singapore!

Got back from Australia on Monday night (30 Jul), and will be off to the Philippines next Monday night (6 Aug)!

So I have exactly one week in good ol' Singapore. I don't know why I do such things to myself, really. I had no time to think much about the Philippines trip (apart from filling up the countless forms and stuff for Coral Cay Conservation, the organisation I'm volunteering with for the month I'll be there). So I spent Tuesday fretting and stressing, when I found out that I needed a visa to stay in Philippines for 32 days. And when I also found out that I will need to find accommodations for 3 nights while I'm there, and that my flight back is actually on 7 Sept and not 6 Sept, as I always thought.

So today I headed down to the Philippines Embassy in Singapore, and to my immense relief and joy, I found out that I will be able to get the visa by Mon afternoon, and that visa application is free for Singaporeans! Hooray (: And after scouting online, I think I might have found myself a place to sleep. While going there without any accommodations booked would be a real adventure and I'm sure there are plenty of people who do that without mishaps, I'm pretty sure my parents would flip and not be happy about it if I did the same. Or couch surf/sleep in the airport/on the streets. Glad that my parents are willing to let me go on my own, don't want to push things further anytime soon!

My older bro is currently somewhere hiking the Vermont segment of the Appalachian trail and I sure hope he's safe! Read Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer during my trip to Australia, and it didn't end particularly well for Chris McCandless who ventured in the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992 (the month I was born) and never made it out. :/

And then my friend showed me this

And while it didn't quite end well for the son who didn't make it to the end point of the trail either, I'd still like to hike the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) one day!

Anyways, did some awesome climbing at Nowra in Australia, really enjoyable time (: Though the camping in the cold wasn't quite as fun, but was part of the experience anyway. Blogged about it here.

Fri Sat Sun Mon will be packed with biophilic/nature-related activities. Guiding at Sungei Buloh/RMBR, coastal cleanup at Lim Chua Kang, seagrass monitoring at Cyrene Reef and a talk on marine life and threats at Frontier Pri Sch! Feeling a little anxious, especially about the guiding and talk. Hopefully I'm up to it!

Anyway, for some laughs, watch this!

Anticipating the Philippines trip! Lots of diving and learning to do. Though I'm missing out on A LOT of things while I'm there T.T Guess we gotta live with the choices we make, and we can't have our cake and eat it too.

Thanks for the awesome fun guys!
#16 2005, only in 2012

Evolution. No prizes why I'm the first in line.

the hobbits. (or so we're called)

the climbers!

cos we wanted to build a human pyramid

the world is just awesome (:

NB: yeah I know the whole reason we went to Australia was for the wedding, and there are no wedding photos here. but I just realised I didn't get a photo with the bride and groom :(