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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lent Term

It's so interesting how the second of the three Cambridge terms is called Lent term. The people here couldn't care less about Lent, I'm sure. Though yeah, the naming of the terms is probably a historical thing.

So anyway, the honeymoon first term is over, and we're in the middle of the academic year. And the difference can be felt. Only week 2, and I feel the pressure to study already. Of course, there's also the fact that I realised the need to study, having had a term and mock exams. (For those who care, I did pretty much as I expected on my mocks. Passed the two bio mods, evolution and physiology, decently, and just about failed the math and earth sciences mods.)

Mainly though, I'm really excited this term because ... *drumroll please* the Nature society that I thought of setting up last term has finally been registered as an official university society! Woohoo! :) Really great news, it made me super happy. For some reason or other, cos even if we hadn't been an official society (though I don't see why they would disapprove), I'm sure we would have carried on our activities anyway.
Our activities are still quite fluid, like we haven't quite settled into a structure such as those in other more established societies. Which gives a lot of room for flexibility and for me to do things in ways that I prefer, perhaps, rather than the norm in Cambridge.

Also, the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum that we're planning for the end of term is starting to shape up, and I'm really looking forward to hearing our speakers for that.

Things have also been going pretty well with my Summer plans. What a difference a Facebook event makes! Inviting all my Facebook friends for the event, informing them of my charity climb of Mt Kilimanjaro and requesting for donations really helped. For one, most of my friends now know I intend to climb Mt Kili. For another, the encouragements they give are really heartening (: And of course, the monetary contributions are very much appreciated.
Operation Wallacea fundraising still has a long way to go, but I'm hoping that college study grants and possibly other grants can help with that.

Have started trying to train for Mt Kili too. Will try my best to run at least once a week, and also gonna participate in a bike ride to raise funds. And will hence, need to train and cycle more too!

On top of all that, it looks like the weather's getting warmer! :) Yay.

The weekend of snowfall. View from my window. Looks pretty, until you step into it.

So all things considered, things are going pretty well (: There are just a few occasions when I wish I had more musical talent, to be able to play an ukulele and sing at the same time. But I'll get there someday, hopefully.

Meanwhile, all I have to do is to thank God for all His blessings.

And thanks to all my friends who patiently listen to me whine most of the time.

An aside
I just thought it interesting, how the past 20 years of my life (yes, I'm gonna be 21 soon! the horror.) led up to this point. I can barely remember anything from kindergarten, apart from Yakult and monkey bars in the playground and writing my chinese name during every ting xie (spelling test). 
And then, the 6 years in primary school, still rather hazy, but which culminated in me being some kind of leader in our school's brass band (I think so at least, cos they had my photo up on the board but somebody else's name...) and in some core committee for the (rather useless) prefectorial board. The horrors of having to run for election and campaign are coming back to me now, ugh, didn't like it at all, never ran for election for anything after that that involved campaigning, and I hope I never have to. 
The 4 years in secondary school were most formative I think, and ended with me chairing the now-defunct OutDoor Activities Club (sad to say, it closed after my year), and being a mentor in the Peer Support Board and Overseas Service Learning programme. 
The next 2 years in junior college were interesting, and perhaps my first foray into initiating something. Apart from being the treasurer (I think that's what my position was, can't quite remember) for the Biological Society, I (with friends, of course) also helped start up the unofficial-turned-official? Walks of Life group. That was really fun, I miss those days. 
Then the subsequent 1.5 years of learning when I wasn't learning (See the admission requirement for Monsters University!) went by really quickly, but with the advice (and lots of scolding!) from awesome teachers and mentors, I managed to get something coherent out of my gap year.
And now, there's 3 years of university to look forward to. Starting out as president of the Nature society that I helped set up seems pretty good to me. And I guess we'll just have to see what the remaining 2 years here, and subsequently, will bring.