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Monday, March 18, 2013

End of Lent term.

Finally the end of term! It's been a thoroughly exhausting, fast-paced but exciting term.

This term was a lot better than the last. I enjoyed the topics in courses much more, I felt like I kept on top of most of my work, I was busy with the Nature Society and the Climate & Sustainability Forum and various other things. The Singaporean/Malaysian Catholics also formed a group and we meet every week for rosary and discussion and food, and it's all very awesome (:

I was going to say that I only managed to attend 19 talks/panel debates etc this term, but then I checked my post for Michaelmas term and it appears that I attended about 19 talks last term as well! So I guess I'm still keeping up with my insatiable need for talks. (:

Didn't live-tweet most (though I was in charge of live-tweeting the Climate Forum on Friday, which was absolutely tiring), and have yet to get round to digitising and sharing the content of the talks, some of which were very interesting! Talks I attended revolved around global warming & social ethics, scientific autonomy, sustainable fuels, conservation & climate change, circadian clocks, REDD+, social inequity and development, job rich low carbon economy, biodiversity & making poverty history, top-down approaches to climate change issues, social dimensions of climate change, cost of conservation, re-wilding, survival science, mammal diversity etc.
So not as diverse as last term's, mostly revolving around the same few topics, but they've all been really interesting.

Didn't manage to exercise as much as last term either :( not even climb! :( :( Trade-offs. I did go for the local climbing gym competition and managed to get 5th. It was like Climb-nival style, so 20 routes and 5 hours, do as many as you can do get the highest score. And even though I only could stay for an hour, I got just 30+ points less than the lady who got 1st! Perhaps if I could stay longer....

Anyway, also ate a lot less in college, which is probably not a bad thing, but I do have a minimum quote to fulfill.

Overall, it's been a good term. I really need to manage my time better though, and waste less time doing random nonsense. Anyway, terrible post this, didn't have the inspiration to post but wanted to mark the end of the term.

This vacation should be good, with two field trips - one to Arran, Scotland for earth sciences and another to Orielton, Pembroke, Wales for evolution & behaviour. I really hope I am disciplined enough to study hard.

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