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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Social pressures.

I went to the playground on Sun (it was Easter Sunday), near Coe's Fen. There were loads of children there naturally, along with their parents and their grandparents.

I was looking for the swing sets, because I really miss swinging, but I realised many of them were for infants. Finally found the children ones, ones that I could actually still squeeze into (cos they had a chain across the seat, presumably to make sure kids don't fly out. But also makes sitting on it when you're not 8-year-old-sized a pain).

It was great, swinging is always great fun, and I was really happy :) like a retard just smiling to myself.

When I met my friends (guys) later on, I implored them to go to the playground one day too and sit on the swing. And to my immense dismay, they refused cos apparently it's not right. Like, guys just aren't supposed to go to a playground and sit on the swings.

Once you've "grown up", playgrounds are no more. If you've got kids with you, or a girl, apparently that makes it okay. But a guy on his own, or two together? Definite no-no.

I was just horrified. At the fact that they think guys can't sit on swings cos society will judge them for it, and the fact that they care that much about what society thinks. Though I guess it's not like a, I-really-wanna-do-it-but-I'm-afraid-society-will-judge-me-for-it thing, but more a society-will-judge-me-so-I-wont-do-it-anyway-I-don't-really-care-for-it thing to them.

The people from my generation (early 90s) and earlier still have childhood memories of playing rough and battle scars. Fooling around and doing stupid things with other kids, falling down and getting scrapes and generally staying as far away from home as possible (unlike kids of later generations/our later years which saw childhood getting consumed by tv and video games and mobile phones and all that gadget-y gizmos).

While I had many friends who were like that, I wasn't that kind of kid. When I was a kid, no one probably ever thought I'd end up as someone who likes adventure, going outdoors, and being happy with getting grimy. I wasn't the kind of girl who liked to dress up and play with dolls either, but I did prefer safe, indoor and clean environments to playing rough and falling down (if I rmb correctly).

Don't quite know how I changed from being very much a conformist and typical kid to someone who likes doing things differently (yet still socially acceptable) from others and being a little more atypical.

I still conform to societal pressures for sure, by and large. (Not gonna be a uni dropout anytime soon) But I guess my philosophy has become one that's more focused on happiness and meaning in life and doing what I really want to (even if it means taking a slightly different path from most others), rather than working just for the sake of earning money and studying hard just to get "better" and being just another cog in the system. Which in Singapore is still a rather minority mindset, it seems. One that many acknowledge but find hard to adopt perhaps?

I think I should do more random stuff next term. Go for walks to no where, with no destination in mind, just seeing where my feet takes me too. Be more spontaneous and random. And try not to let life overtake me.

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