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Friday, May 31, 2013

saturation point.

I have reached the stage where I feel like any additional knowledge that I try to cram into my tiny brain is gonna cause other bits previously in there to start precipitating out.

I just want exams to be over, past caring exactly how well I do right now. I know I won't fail, I'll be crushed if I get a 3rd or a 2:2, and I'm really just hoping whatever I know right now will tide me over for a 2:1 (60% and above).

It's so painful to sit through exam period. When others are holidaying (the tonnes of exchange/holiday photos flooding FB) or just generally chilling (all the people on gap years/waiting for uni). Exam period is when I wanna be antisocial and yet crave for some social activity at the same time. When I want to avoid people except for those with whom I have decent conversations with. But everyone is either busy holidaying or studying :/

Argh, I just want to get out and away.

Freedom from the tyranny of exams.

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