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Thursday, May 02, 2013

the E term.

It's one week into Easter term, but perhaps better known as Exam term.

So quickly, the first year in university flies by.

Haven't really been feeling very reflective; what with field trips (that I have yet to blog about), start of term, revising for exams, settling final details for Summer etc, I guess I really haven't been thinking much about life. As in I think about it, when I keep trying to reassure myself that exams aren't the whole point to my life, but not really reflect on it. If you get what I mean.

But suddenly, after writing out my notes on rocks and minerals, I sit amidst all my files and notes and papers and books and stare at them.

This is what 17 (+ another 3 more) weeks of university has given me. Stacks of papers, holding the knowledge I need to pass my exams, naturally. But what I care more about, is the fact that they've taught me so much more about this Earth we live on - the processes that form it, the life that inhabits it, from the very beginning all through geological time to now. (Yeah, Natural Sciences at Cambridge is awesome cos I get to do only the cool stuff :D)

It's a jumble of minerals and continental collisons, rocks and orogenies, plant development and microbial life, energy for sustenance and physiological processes in our bodies, invasion of land by plants and amazing animal adaptations, behaviours of "intelligent" life forms and how they learn, not to mention various equations and numbers and mathematical programming codes.

Next year, this time, I would be sitting amidst whole new sets of notes and papers, doing the same (revising for exams). And the year after.

But in the long run, would all this knowledge gained be of any use? It's all really interesting, and I'm sure bits of it will come in useful here and there. But all the fine details that I'm trying to cram into my head right now – all that would probably be lost. About as soon as this Summer's over, even.

A student's life is so different from a working adult's life. Yet, if you think about it, is it all that different?

What exactly are we working towards, who are we working for?

What I wish my life was entirely about.

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