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Monday, June 03, 2013

Insidious vices

You don't usually think about it. Life, is so much more than technology, it's about going out and breathing fresh air and seeing the fluffy clouds in the sky etc, etc, etc. Who cares about work and studying? Live in the moment.


But when something happens – a charger refuses to charge, or a programme you really need refuses to load – the whole world crashes. 

My macbook stopped charging sometime yesterday, but I thought it was just one of its weird idiosyncrasies and that it would be fine, so I left it. And cos my phone adaptor spoilt, I usually charge through my laptop. Woke up this morning and got a shock when I realised my phone had was on a very low battery power probably because my laptop had run out of juice as well.


10 years ago, this wasn't even a problem for me. Fair enough, I was only 11, but I think quite a few 11 year-olds now have laptops and iphones. 10 years ago, I was happy enough to be waiting 10 minutes for the shared PC at home/in school to start up, and programmes hanging and crashing were a norm, even if frustrating.


Now: instant, snappy start up please. What, iTunes keeps crashing?? *rage* Why is my internet refusing to load, this is not the time to throw a tantrum!


When everything works smoothly, batteries charged and programmes working and internet loading, the world is fine. I can pretend my life does not revolve around all this technology, that I really was meant to be "in the wild". 


But when something (quite trivial really, a battery that refuses to charge) happens, all that goes out of the window.



If anything, this small "#21stcenturycrisis" made me realise how much more reliant I am on technology than I thought myself to be. I just don't usually think about it I guess. It's a given.

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