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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home after 11 months away!

I'm finally home in Singapore! While I thoroughly enjoyed myself in South Africa during the month-long expedition, I still really looked forward to going back home, and had frequent dreams about the people/food back home (honest, I dreamt about going to a food court once, and about eating various other Singaporean dishes countless times).

While we had rusks with tea, I was thinking of you tiao (fried dough sticks) with tau huey zui (soya bean milk)

My summer has been amazing thus far, with many heartfelt thanks going out to friends and family who made it possible by donating. The last bit of my travels to South Africa is documented on my Nature blog here.

Quote by Lawrence K. Fish

But while excited to be going home and catching up with friends, one part of me was also worried about going home. 11 months is a relatively long time, things will have changed, people will have changed. Your friends will have made new friends and the gap that you used to fill would have been filled. Much of the minor anxiety I felt was expressed quite well in this Thought Catalog article - Why Coming Home is Hard.

I can't quite judge how much I have changed – will people no longer recognise me for who I am? Not perhaps in terms of looks (I got a little fatter for sure, but I don't think it's that drastic...), but more in terms of personality, habits, mannerisms and stuff.

Been spending the past two days solely with my family (and clearing emails/educating myself on the events that have happened the past month)

A sudden realisation also kicked in, that the fear I had, years ago in secondary school, of losing my friends, has become reality. And that some friendships have drifted and while there is still the possibility of picking it up again, things will no longer quite be the same. -lapses into a bout of nostalgia-

Whatever little anxiety there may be though, is completely superseded by the excitement of being back home, catching up with friends (who are still friends) and the happenings back home/around the world.
It's been a long 11 months, and while many things are still familiar, there are also some things that I'm still taking a while to get used to.

For example, very mundanely, the fact that toilet paper here is 2 ply instead of 1 ply. Or the tall buildings everywhere, be they office buildings or housing estates. Waking up to the sounds of road traffic instead of bird/various animal calls. The greenness of the trees and shrubs.

I quite like the consistency of Singapore's weather, as opposed to the really cold nights and really hot days of Africa, though the humidity did get me today when I walked out of the gym after a run and a warm, sticky blast of air greeted me.

Anyway, 3.5 weeks left to catch up with friends, go for seagrass monitoring/coastal cleanup, and prepare for the next school year. Oh and have my fill of awesome Singapore cuisine too :D

Kaya roti (Bread with coconut jam) from Chin Mee Chin Confectionery along East Coast Road

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