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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Human rights - modern slavery.

Today (16 October 2013) is Blog Action Day, but I didn't participate cos I haven't really had the time to write a proper blogpost (I'm still stuck on another blogpost for my Nature blog).  The theme is Human Rights, and one of my friends posted an article on Facebook that reminded me of human rights/Blog Action Day.

My friend is amazing (she's in a society called Hot Choc Soc that aims to extend a helping hand to the homeless in central London), and through her I learnt so much more about modern day slavery as in human trafficking (of both women, children and men), into the sex trade and other manual labour industries.

"The injustices women and girls have suffered due to trafficking is indeed of concern; however, there is a need for a shift in the conversation. Human trafficking, and sex trafficking in particular, is not just a “women and girls” issue: it is a human issue." 

This article just brought to mind that there's so much that goes on unseen by the average person on the street, yet if we knew about it, surely it wouldn't be brushed aside.

"The way each shirt was sewn, at least in that factory, was astounding for the number of steps each takes, the details and the tasks, the repetition and the relentlessness. Like most people, I had never thought of it before." 

This article was particularly gut-wrenching, since it involved kids, girls of an age when they should be going to school and playing hopscotch and generally enjoying their childhood. Not working in a factory.

While I feel like personally I can't really do anything about the sex trade (I sure hope I don't indirectly contribute to the demand in any way), it particularly frustrates me that we all need to wear clothes, and so much of what we wear/own are made cheaply by these people who aren't even paid a decent living wage, and it's terribly difficult to find ethically sourced clothes – even harder than finding organic, free-range, vegan food.

In any case, I find it very jarring that in some places, people discuss the right to own arms as a human right issue, while in other areas, people don't even have control over their lives. Yet more media attention seem to be given to the former, while issues covering the latter aren't adequately mentioned in mainstream media. We may not be able to do much, personally, but if we can perhaps bear them in mind, and pray for them, that would at least be a start?

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