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Sunday, November 24, 2013


A brief, grousing post.

I must have forgotten what Cambridge terms were like. There was supposed to be Week 5 Blues. But we're now halfway through week 7, and I'm chest-deep in work. How this even happened I don't even know, cos for the past week, I've actually been going to a library to study/do my work on my "off days" (I don't have lectures on Tues/Thu). Instead of lounging about my room on my laptop. And I now have 2 essays and 2 short answer practical questions due Mon and another essay due Tue. :/ I also still have my project report to write up.

It's not gonna end, till the weekend after term ends. I thought things were supposed to be slowing down, getting slacker as we approach the end of term, but no. It seems to be picking up pace.

And all the other things as well. Too many things firing at once. Sudden thought: back in RGS, I spent much of my time wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew. But here, that thought never once crossed my mind. I guess having been through all that, I have at least learned to cope with all the stress and developed the skills needed to deal with having multiple commitments.

And on the periphery of my brain, stuff about slavery and human rights, about poverty and inequality and policies, about the climate conference in Warsaw, about land use and future plans back home.

My mind just explodes sometimes, I'm sure. In the form of bizarre, vivid dreams. Such as that of me being chased by some South American mafia and getting shot, jumping into a freezing cold water body to escape but still getting found anyway - then they realised I wasn't the one they were trying to go after. I swear, I recall looking down on my left arm in the dream and seeing a chunk taken out and the blood and all. Totally random.

Tired; bedtime.

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