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Monday, December 09, 2013

four out of nine down.

So it's finally the end of Michaelmas 2013. It's been an insanely intense term, by my standards anyway. The first few weeks were still alright, manageable. But the last few weeks was just insane. partly due to poor time management (shouldn't have left my ecology project report to the last minute), partly because the content being taught required more time for me to read up and understand. So I spent my free days in the library writing essays and doing work, slept only an hour a few nights (especially in the last week) just to get my report done and didn't do much else (still kept up with my supervision work and meetings etc, just not my laundry, tidying up of room and stuff...)

How I feel usual terms are like 

How this term felt

Dealing with ecology, animal biology, geology and spanish is quite tiring. With nature society, climate and sustainability forum and various other things, I'm not too sure how I'll be doing come Easter next year. But the other things will start to slow down after Lent so presumably it won't be too bad. Nonetheless I'm not looking forward much to Lent cos the academic workload would be even worse.

Despite all that, this term was actually relatively good. I've managed to attend some 30 odd talks and events, ranging for natural history to language, conservation to international development. I've also joined our Catholic Chaplaincy's (Fisher House) St Vincent de Paul Society, and went for a couple of soup runs, where we give out Pret sandwiches and hot soup/drinks to the homeless around the city centre. Also started serving mass, which is pretty interesting. Didn't manage to go for any outdoor meets to peak district with either the mountaineering club, hillwalking club or caving club (which I'm actually quite sad about), but I did go for my first bouldering competition in London (haven't competed in agesssss). Don't think I did well, but it was good fun anyway.

A beautiful autumn day, somewhere closer to the start of term

At WWT Welney, on an ecology fieldtrip

One of my geology practicals, looking at how our oceans mix

Fisher House carolling at the market square (one of the few times I felt the Christmas spirit this term)

Overall, there's been quite a few new things for me this term, sleep deprivation is a chronic issue and
I've probably missed out on a lot of stuff from this term, but those were probably the main ones anyway. It's late now, I've got to pack up my room tomorrow and run a bunch of errands before leaving for Christmas holidays. Which will be great - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and London in a month, some with friends, some alone, mostly with family(:

Meanwhile to those still having exams/working/having a tough time, hang in there, and stay safe. So much happening in Sg these days.

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