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Thursday, February 06, 2014

A fallen race.

Why is this world so full of hatred, fear and disagreements. Perhaps full is an exaggeration - there is much beauty and joy in the world for sure (see viralnova, upworthy etc to get your feel-good-fix for the day).

It's just today, I realised while we're all fundamentally the same, we're all so different.

The creationism vs evolution debate (some of my opinions on Facebook here); the sexuality FAQ site of the Health Promotion Board (some people are petitioning to restore it to the original - basically while some people are lauding the HPB for becoming more progressive, others feel it's maybe, too progressive. I'm not too clear on the details myself.); pro-life vs the right to end life (went for a talk on this earlier in the day by Lord David Alton).

So much conflict and rife in the world, because of misunderstandings, because of pride/ego (a refusal to think one might be wrong), because of beliefs.

All that I mentioned as examples are very real to me, especially as a practising Catholic. The Church has a stance on abortion/euthanasia, homosexuality and (to a certain extent) evolution. The topic I'm most comfortable talking about is the creationism vs evolution one, naturally, being a natural scientist and a nature-lover who sees the beauty of the natural world from an evolutionary and spiritual point of view. And I see how one can believe in both a divine creator and the theory of evolution at the same time (theistic evolution, which is not a scientific theory). On homosexuality, I am sitting on the fence about whether it's natural/unnatural/right/wrong etc, but I definitely feel that people should not be discriminated/made to fear/be punished etc based on their sexuality. Homophobia is not right, just as racial discrimination or gender discrimination is not right. And there is definitely something very wrong about taking lives away. Especially if it's because of gender. At the same time, there are, I think, fairly legit reasons for abortion, such as less well-to-do families, especially in countries such as the Philippines, where couples already have way too many kids to feed and it's not possible to raise one more. Though of course then they should have abstained, if they really care for human lives. But like seriously, it's hard to get people to do that when abortion is an option.

My religion provides me with a moral compass, an idea of what is right or wrong. Some people disagree; we can be moral without religion. I wouldn't disagree with them – there are certainly many good people who are not religious. Some might think that people with religion can get lazy and just accept the faith blindly, and whatever they say. I don't know about others, but I certainly don't, it gives me a headache just thinking about all these issues. One of the reasons why I didn't like philosophy in RG. I have just been avoiding all these controversial issues (especially on social media) because it's so easy to be misunderstood. And I'm still slowly trying to understand them, from my religion's point of view. And until I can understand and accept everything, I wouldn't want to really engage in conversation.

I've been rambling on and it's late, and I probably don't make much sense. But the upshot is, I find it really sad how we're so divided as a human race, and differing opinions and views give rise to conflict and violence and lots of unhappiness. I was going to say that surely there are more pressing problems facing us all no matter our beliefs that we need to work together to solve (such as climate change, food security, human trafficking etc) but I guess if our fundamental ideologies are different then it's difficult to create meaningful rational dialogue? :/

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