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Monday, February 17, 2014

Data, and other things.

The first thing I look at every time I log into my blogging sites (Blogger for this, and Wordpress for my Nature blog) is to check the stats. Primarily because it's one of the first things that I see on the dashboard, and also because I just like to see what the viewership has been like.

The data that the blogging sites collect and provide to me is pretty interesting, and I guess useful. I'm not a big data person, as in I don't really know how to process and make use of data, but I'm very intrigued by it, because it can tell so much about people. Facebook recently released a bunch of Facebook notes about information they retrieved from data people provided, and there have been some pretty interesting stuff. Of course, the stats on my blogs can't be considered big data on their own, but still, I see interesting things. Like the fact that there is a spike in people checking this blog out on 15 Feb.

I can't imagine why - do people think I'm gonna be updating this blog after 14 Feb because it's the 15th day of the Lunar New Year (元宵节) or Valentine's Day (aka the Feast of St Valentine) or because 15 Feb is the day Singapore fell to the Japanese or ??? Whatever it is guys, sorry to disappoint.

I also like checking out the Search Keywords that bring people to my blog. The most common search people make that leads them to my blog within the past month is something about rg/rj being stressful. I guess cos O level results came out and people were wondering if they should apply to Raffles (well duh yes apply! :P It may be stressful but it prepares you for uni/working life.) No idea why they would read my blog though, considering I graduated some 4/6 years ago, and my blog posts then were horribly immature and mildly embarrassing.

The all-time search keywords though, reveal something different altogether.
For some reason or other, people are Googling about flatworms and coming across my blog. Do I talk about flatworms that often??? Surely there are lots of other useful websites about flatworms out there, such as Ria Tan's WildSingapore page?

The pageviews by countries (all-time) always interests me too.
I can definitely see why Singapore would top the list, and I could understand if there are a lot of views from the United Kingdom as well, but I really can't imagine why people anywhere else would be that interested in my blog. No matter though, I welcome anyone and everyone to read my blog. Thanks for the support, haha.

My stats for my Nature blog aren't half as interesting, mainly because I guess I don't update it often enough to keep up the viewership and perhaps people prefer reading about people's everyday life than interest-specific sites? The latter is useful when it comes to helping with homework or trying to find more info on stuff, but I guess people wouldn't regularly keep checking it out. Also this blog has been running for way longer than the other one.

Moving on to other things, I think I might finally mention something that I have never brought up in my years of blogging here – relationships. In particular, non-platonic, non-familial relationships, i.e. romantic relationships. If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'll realise I have never mentioned anything about anyone really. So I thought perhaps now might be the time to say it out loud. I am not in a relationship. I don't have a boyfriend (nor am I gay/lesbian). (Ha, got you, my aunt/uncle/cousin/mom/dad/brother/relative of mine whom I know read my blog)

Seriously though, I have never been in one despite my age (some people think you should be married with kids by the time you're in your 20s, others think you should at least have had a few boyfriends by this time etc.) and while people may think it strange/weird (especially in the Western world), I don't really see why. Back when I was still in school, the friends whom I hanged out with (and still keep in contact with) were/are more or less like me (if I may make such claims on their behalf). Coming here, that same sentiment is perhaps a little harder to find. Some I know, do feel the same. But perhaps because of the skewed sex ratio here (there are more guys than girls, especially among Singaporeans), I think guys don't generally feel that way – in fact a few just seem to want to get married and settle down as soon as they can after graduation. Maybe a shift in gender perspective, or just the weird crowd I tend to hang out with (anomalies from the trend), but there is definitely too small a sample size to jump to any conclusions so don't quote me on any of this apart from anecdotally.

I am definitely not looking to settle down anytime soon, and I don't really think anyone expects me too. And I don't see why I should go out with someone if I don't like him in any way apart from a purely platonic relationship, it wouldn't be fair to him. It's not about giving people chances. Maybe my standards are too high, or maybe I'm looking for a divine sign when there never is one, or maybe, just leave me be. I have faith in God's plan for me.

Meanwhile, while I know He looks out for me in all ways, He's not gonna write my essay for me. I shared about Singapore's wildlife to a small group of mostly Singaporeans last Sat (15 Feb), because I felt like every Singaporean should at least know what we have back home, especially if they're in Cambridge because they're most probably going to be making important decisions in the future. And so I will leave you with this pretty awesome music video and hope that you will be sufficiently convinced to find out more and sign the petition.

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