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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A mystery of the universe.

There are many mysteries in this life. Some, I don't even know exist. Others, I usually try to live with without attempting to understand, because my head hurts when I try to. But when I am forced to try and understand, like how some people think, makes me frustrated and upset. Like why are some people so full of anger and hatred. Especially for religion.

How is it that people can be so consumed by hatred for religion (or maybe just organised religion?) that any value (by which I mean stuff like abortion etc) that is remotely linked to a religious origin is simply dismissed as something religious and therefore bad.

In most circumstances, most religious things are just confined to the religious. But when things like morals and values come into play, then should religions step in? Or in secular states like Singapore (and increasingly in the UK) is this out of religions' jurisdictions? Even if laws affect society as a whole? But I guess as long as beliefs are held and practised by the religious, there's no need to bother the rest of society and get them to follow. In stuff like gay rights movements, I'm not overly bothered. There is definitely discrimination against LGBT in Singapore, especially Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore which criminalises sex between mutually consenting adult men. And that is definitely wrong.

I personally think that families should be founded on the mutual love of a man and a woman, but I'll not impose my views on others. With abortion though, it is a life we're talking about. Even if others don't regard it as that. I don't know how strong I want to be, or even can be on this issue. I realised (while arguing on Facebook, which is definitely the best place for debate right) that I've recently become a lot more outspoken on these issues cos they are issues where I take my guidance from my faith, and in secular Singapore, we don't talk about religion for fear of inciting violence and riots. Keep the peace, you know. So I never did talk about it, and probably so never really developed my stand on these issues. Just kinda swept it under the carpet, along with lots of other things. Here though, surrounded by people who do speak up, and having understood these issues just a mite better (though there's still much to know, on both sides), I get myself in the firing zone occasionally.

It hurts my head because once again I am forced to wonder if there is every such a thing as absolute morality, and when people disagree on the fundamentals, is it ever possible to reconcile? And I guess that is why there will never be world peace, which hurts my heart :( Cos even though religions usually preach peace, some issues cannot be compromised?

On one hand, I don't want to be quietened because someone else is shouting at me, and that person is usually bigger, taller and has a louder voice, cos I think what I have to say is somewhat important. On the other hand, because of my passion for nature and the environment and conservation, and because this concerns the future of humanity and the planet, I feel like perhaps airing my religious views might result in people dismissing my conservation views. Some people can perhaps, discriminate between the two, but I don't know, humans are strange and unpredictable and very scary at times.

To be honest, I think we're all heading towards a certainty of doom anyway, whether as an individual, population, or species, so once again, the question arises: Why do I even bother? And as often as I question myself, there is still that irresistible urge to go into conservation. Maybe because I don't like conflict when there is no way to come to a resolution, but I am outspoken and like expressing my views, and so with conservation it is definitely something that is good and necessary regardless of race language or religion. Right? :/ Sighs.

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