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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the yearly caffeine spike.

It's exam period again. I've been pretty good this year, trying to keep disciplined, and staying away from my computer (and online distractions). Kept it up for like a couple of weeks and just totally zzzz today. Thought I was doing pretty well actually, until the afternoon. Woke up at 6+, went for a run, showered then went for lauds at Fisher House, to the geology department to run through some stuff with lecturer/supervisor, did some work, lunch then just crashed. Couldn't really concentrate on any work, wandered around town for a bit running errands, tried to go to the library to get some stuff done, but ugh just cmi. So I went back and napped and then just wasted my time away online. Such as reading stuff like "20 More Slangs Only A True Blue Singaporean Will Know".

It's less than a week to my first paper. Next week is gonna be insane. I try to keep it in mind that exams aren't the end of the world, and that they won't really matter a couple of years down the road. But meanwhile, they still consume every part of my life. Just so so so bored with revising and studying and prepping for exams now. Doesn't help that people back home have ended exams and photos of holidays are flooding my Facebook and making me extremely jealous and restless.

Also, was reading this "This is why young Singaporeans think their lives suck" and I kinda agree but disagree. Agree with everything – we want a lot, we think the world is our oyster, we want instant gratification, we blindly chase goals (paper qualifications to be specific), we have lots of choices, social media makes us think our friends' lives are better than ours, we think we're special (not too sure actually...) BUT I feel like I do know that hard work is necessary for success, that many failures comes before I can/will achieve anything, that paper chase is pointless and that I'm not any more special than most other people. I don't think my life sucks – as much as I'm whiny, I'm still really glad and grateful for the opportunities I've been given. This might be contradictory after the first two paragraphs of this post, but my short term emotions do not equate my perspective on life as a whole...

Anyway, as much as I think I'm just an average Singaporean, I can see that there may be people who might disagree and so, I'm just gonna head off and do my laundry and start working like I should have 4 hours ago.

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