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Monday, May 12, 2014

Too many things at once.

Mother's Day (in the USA and in Singapore, cos the UK's one was long over) just passed, and my Facebook feed was flooded with photos, poems, and proclamations of love and thanksgiving for my friends' mothers. I didn't, for one because I feel that would just be jumping on the bandwagon, and for another because the world doesn't need to know how much I love my mom – only she does. But at the same time, I thought, does my mom, perhaps, not think that I love and appreciate her very much then? Cos while I didn't need to proclaim my love for my mom to the world, at the same time (being all Asian-y), I didn't call her up and explicitly say to her all those things I might have posted on Facebook.

In some ways, because I'm away from home, because I don't make the trip back often (I only go back once a year for just about 4 weeks, instead of at every opportunity for the longest time possible), because I seem to prefer travelling instead of going home, it could seem like I don't miss home, don't miss my family/friends, don't miss my country. It might seem like I'm one of those who flew the nest and don't ever want to go back. That, I think, isn't true. Haven't fully thought out my post-graduation plans yet, and further studies somewhere else are on the cards, but I definitely do want to go back (at some point at least).

I think a part of me wants to travel as much as possible during my "short" holidays (about 4-5 weeks' long, between Michaelmas/Lent and between Lent/Easter terms) because I do want to go places, but I think in part also because I'm not going home, and to avoid homesickness, I seek novelty. And to assuage feelings that I might be one of those who never want to go back, I try to keep myself up to date with happenings back home (helped greatly by Facebook, of course), reminding myself of home.

I just wrote an article for a science-writing competition (very hastily in the middle of the night), and asked some friends if they would kindly help to proof-read and give comments on it. It's always quite hard to listen to criticisms, cos part of you want to justify yourself and always thinks you're in the right. But (constructive) criticism is good, and sometimes it can be hard to give it as well (cos your friends might think you're being too harsh/picky/unfair etc).

Right now, as I type these poorly-constructed sentences and lack-of-flow paragraphs, I can hear them in my mind. But there are too many things in my mind that need to get out, too many things to think about to write a good piece (and definitely too many topics to cover for exams), and sometimes you just want to rubbish it all. I promise I will try to write better next time.

Meanwhile, it's way past bedtime. Some things to occupy more of your time/thoughts:
Before and after: seeing how much the world has changed in the last century will blow your mind!
Can't stand these bait-y titles, but it is interesting. And quite scary. Reminds me of the Big Yellow Taxi song.

Food for the future
I came up with that title, cos this isn't an article and I think you wouldn't click on it if I just used their title. Though I'm not sure if mine would.

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