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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Post-exam stress and summer plans.

Sooo, it's been the end of exams for more than a week now, and I really have not had much time to relax. Meant to blog about exams and all that but the urge has passed and anyway I don't really have time. Maybe next year.

Went to the Isle of Wight for 3 days and 2 nights, camped there, absolutely awesome. Did lots of walking (some unexpected, like when we were trying to find Quarr Abbey and it looked so close on the city map but was actually really far.), spent some time on the beach, and basically chilled as much as possible. Internet wasn't great, unsurprisingly, but it was just really nice to be disconnected for a while. Tried to look for dino fossils and the fossil forest along the southern coast (trying to recall all the stuff from my geology fieldtrip to Dorset), but low tides were at the wrong times of the day (morning/night) when we weren't there. So wells, wasn't as much fossil stuff as I liked (and I think Lyme Regis is still way cooler) but I had lots of fun nonetheless.

Benedictine Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight. Gutted that they ran out of their ale/cider and we couldn't try it. 

Campingggg! Cos it's the cheapest accommodations.

Sunset as we ate dinner in front of our tents. 

The Needles. I think it's the Portland stone that we saw on the Dorset fieldtrip (Durdle Door)? But didn't check on this. 

Iguanodon foot cast! Compton Bay, Isle of Wight (more on fossil hunting)

 Camping buddies :) 

For the past week or so that I was back, been mostly meeting people, attempting to pack, running errands, planning summer trips and so on. It's been pretty fun and good, busy and super tired (sleeping less than 5/6 hours most days) but there's no revision involved so I'm not complaining :D
The planning for summer trips is quite stressful, cos I'll be without my laptop/internet access for most of the next two months, and then when I'm back in the UK there isn't much time to plan either. 

Sooo summer plans!

1. Ecuador for a month: 3 weeks at Bilsa Biological Station then a couple of days on the Galapagos Islands(!!!) Super excited, wanted to stay for at least a week but I really didn't have much time :/
2. Peru for almost a month: trek to Machu Picchu, hopefully, then about 3 weeks at Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station
At both stations I'll mostly be helping out with scientists' research, doing biodiversity monitoring etc. 
3. Back in the UK for Zoology field trip to Norfolk Holt, hopefully.
4. Iceland: not very planned. But definitely wildlife, hiking and geology :D 
5. Spain: climbing! whoot. 

Really sad I won't be home this summer at all, I really am, and the reason why I'm travelling more is so I don't get homesick :/ Cos if I sit around for too long I will definitely miss home terribly. But! I will definitely be back for Christmas and I am soooo looking forward to it! 

A more thoughtful and reflective post on my second year here at a later time, perhaps but meanwhile, adios amigos y tenemos un buen verano! (hope I got the grammar right, cos I haven't revised...)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Yay the dark clouds have finally gone away (: and I can finally officially guilt-freely enjoy summer.

Will post something more substantial later on, but decided to post a series of animal songs :D

The Llama song

The Duck song

The Badger song

The Cow song

And something that's actually quite cute and not that annoying

Snappy the crocodile

And I know gummy bears aren't bears, but to top the annoying list

I'm sure there are lots more animal songs that are cute/funny/annoying (and I'm not referring to Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say or Katy Perry's Roar) that I have yet to come across.

And the one that brings back the best memories has to be this – recollections of one of our PE teachers (Mrs Wee) making us do the dance and doing it with us during CCA (co-curricular activities) Leaders Camp back in RGS for reasons I still know not.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Almost there.

Had 5 exams the past week, particularly horrendous was animal bio on fri, and ecology and geology on sat. Just 3 more to go! I think I was relatively hard working the past two weeks or so, save the odd few days of breakdown. I've been waking up real early, read 6isham, and going to the library to work, coming back and just going straight to bed instead of going online. Like seriously, I don't recall ever being so hardworking, not even for A levels. Though we had more time to study for As so I prob also took more time off to chill. Got to the point that I was so bored after exams on fri and rather distracted during exams on sat, had to keep reminding myself to concentrate on the paper. But despite working harder than last year, I doubt I'll do any better, and that is just depressing cos it means I'm going to have to study a lot harder for next year to achieve the grade I want. Sighs, ah wells. There are worse problems in life, I'm sure. (Been avoiding all the issues and controversies online cos I'm too tired to be broiled in arguments and stuff.)

Spent time just doing nothing after the two papers on sat, had free food from my college and my geology dos (director of studies), then watched BBC iPlayer (The Great Melt - only 1 day left!). Soo cute the polar bears and Arctic foxes and guillemots and NARWHALS and BELUGAS. Then Big Bang Theory and the night just flew by seriously, laptop + internet is bad for time management. Spent some time looking up Galapagos wildlife, and it is so awesome, but I realised with horror that this year is supposed to be an ENSO (El NiƱo Southern Oscillation) year and the marine wildlife might be negatively affected by it :/ I can now go into a spiel on the proximate causes of ENSO and air/ocean circulation, though disappointingly there wasn't any exam question on it.

Back to work tomorrow, and I really have no idea how I got through A levels 4 years ago now (I feel sooo old), I am so easily distracted/get restless quickly now.

Haiz there are more geology memes than animal/ecology ones. Still half wishing I were doing geology next year, though I am not sorry about structural geology.