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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Almost there.

Had 5 exams the past week, particularly horrendous was animal bio on fri, and ecology and geology on sat. Just 3 more to go! I think I was relatively hard working the past two weeks or so, save the odd few days of breakdown. I've been waking up real early, read 6isham, and going to the library to work, coming back and just going straight to bed instead of going online. Like seriously, I don't recall ever being so hardworking, not even for A levels. Though we had more time to study for As so I prob also took more time off to chill. Got to the point that I was so bored after exams on fri and rather distracted during exams on sat, had to keep reminding myself to concentrate on the paper. But despite working harder than last year, I doubt I'll do any better, and that is just depressing cos it means I'm going to have to study a lot harder for next year to achieve the grade I want. Sighs, ah wells. There are worse problems in life, I'm sure. (Been avoiding all the issues and controversies online cos I'm too tired to be broiled in arguments and stuff.)

Spent time just doing nothing after the two papers on sat, had free food from my college and my geology dos (director of studies), then watched BBC iPlayer (The Great Melt - only 1 day left!). Soo cute the polar bears and Arctic foxes and guillemots and NARWHALS and BELUGAS. Then Big Bang Theory and the night just flew by seriously, laptop + internet is bad for time management. Spent some time looking up Galapagos wildlife, and it is so awesome, but I realised with horror that this year is supposed to be an ENSO (El NiƱo Southern Oscillation) year and the marine wildlife might be negatively affected by it :/ I can now go into a spiel on the proximate causes of ENSO and air/ocean circulation, though disappointingly there wasn't any exam question on it.

Back to work tomorrow, and I really have no idea how I got through A levels 4 years ago now (I feel sooo old), I am so easily distracted/get restless quickly now.

Haiz there are more geology memes than animal/ecology ones. Still half wishing I were doing geology next year, though I am not sorry about structural geology. 

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