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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Yay the dark clouds have finally gone away (: and I can finally officially guilt-freely enjoy summer.

Will post something more substantial later on, but decided to post a series of animal songs :D

The Llama song

The Duck song

The Badger song

The Cow song

And something that's actually quite cute and not that annoying

Snappy the crocodile

And I know gummy bears aren't bears, but to top the annoying list

I'm sure there are lots more animal songs that are cute/funny/annoying (and I'm not referring to Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say or Katy Perry's Roar) that I have yet to come across.

And the one that brings back the best memories has to be this – recollections of one of our PE teachers (Mrs Wee) making us do the dance and doing it with us during CCA (co-curricular activities) Leaders Camp back in RGS for reasons I still know not.

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