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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Before the last madness.

It's officially the start of Cambridge term, but lectures don't start till Thu/Fri. Feeling the wham of busy terms already, as my schedule starts filling up with interesting events and gatherings, on top of the intense Zoology requirements for this year (a research project and a research paper review on top of usual lectures/labs/seminars). Been feeling rather stressed, mainly cos there are lecture clashes in topics I'm really interested in and I'm forced to make a choice, cos there are so many interesting projects I wanna do but again have to choose one, and also cos I really want to do well this year and I'm worried I won't. Which is kinda stupid, cos it has yet to happen.

Anyway, mainly to briefly summarise the rest of summer after South America:
1. Norfolk Holt field trip for Part II Zoology
Touched down from London Stansted airport and went straight to Norfolk. It was a fairly cold 10+ days there, being on the coast. Did a project on the brown shrimp Crangon crangon, involved wading into sand pools left by the tide and measuring them. It was great fun, and Le Qin (my project partner) and I went slightly crazy from the cold, the occasional (really) early mornings and late nights.
Fishing for shrimps. 

One of the larger shrimps we caught. Most are about 1-1.5cm.

Rainbow (:

2. Road trip around Iceland
Was nice to have a trip with friends, especially cos it meant I didn't have to be on the ball constantly about where I was going and about safety etc. And of course having great company was a bonus, plus the geology, wildlife and breath-taking scenery. Iceland is a really really pretty place, and I was gutted I didn't get the chance to hike while I was there, especially some of the top places to hike in the world were there.
Faxi waterfall. 


The North American plate :D -ish; it's on that side anyway, rather than the Eurasian plate

They have some pretty awesome graffiti :D

Saw a pair of humpback whales (:

Like seriously the whole place is just a huge coffee table book

Blueberry picking!!

Saw the fissure eruption too :D

View from the harbour at Hofn

3. Chilling around in Cambridge
Had a couple of sedentary weeks, was initially intending to go Spain, but decided against it cos travel buddies pulled out (meant to go climb) and also because by this point I was absolutely fretting over post-graduation and needed time to sort my life out. Great time enjoying summer in the UK, going to the riverside/green spaces (can't really call them parks, they're just common open green spaces...) and reading/studying/slack-lining. Definitely a lot of thinking was done, and I felt much rather calmer for it. Also managed to climb (read: high wall/a bit of leading!!!) a couple of times :D such a rare treat for me.
Yeah okay a bit too narcissistic a selfie, this >< But it was a nice summery day!

Went down to London one day, and checked out this Books About Town event.

Slack-lineeee. For noobs like me.

Kayaking on the river Granta. Hadn't kayaked in super long, was quite rubbish.

4. Hiking/camping part of the Pennine Way
Intended to do the first 3rd of the UK's oldest and most famous national trails, 429km long. Started in Edale, Peak District, and intended to finish at Horton-in-Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire. First day was pretty shit, hadn't carried weights to hike in a loonngggg time, and was probably carrying about 14-15 kg for 26km. Next day was a little better in that it was shorter, just 18km, but our hike was abruptly cut short on the third day by an injury in our group. I was carrying 17kg by then, so I'm honestly pretty impressed by myself :P Will blog more about this later (hopefully!)
Just walk. With your thoughts and flying red grouses around you.

One night we woke up to frost. It was a really cold night.

The English landscape.

In all, summer has been a great recharge for me, with lots of new experiences being in foreign lands and spending time with myself. Missing Singapore for sure, but I'll be back for Christmas and I'm sooo looking forward to it (: This last year though, of being an undergraduate, I do feel the pressure of coping with the work load, wanting to do well, and wanting to make the most of opportunities and do all that I haven't had the chance to do previously. Then again, it's just another Cambridge term.

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