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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Facebook peeves.

Random quick post cos I really should be working.

I know I'm definitely one of those who seem to always be on Facebook and spamming the rest of the world. Trying to cut down on Facebook Time, but it is still an excellent way of disseminating information, keeping in touch with friends and getting news. I've got some friends that I don't want to 'unfollow' (not un-friend, I almost never un-friend anyway, mainly because I do want to spam as many people as possible with the articles I post :P) cos they do occasionally post interesting things/I want to know what's going on in their lives but sometimes, some of the things they post just annoys me. Like #toomanyhashtags #howmuchtimedoyouspendthinkingofwhattohashtag and just whining/whinging about their lives or just things that the whole world doesn't need to know.

That said, does it mean that everything I post on Facebook is something that the whole world needs to know? Probably not. So I should just shut up and get on with my work. Sorry for being annoying and contradictory, but wells, posting it here where you came to read it is better than spamming the world on Facebook with my unimportant thoughts, I think.

Reading so much about reefs yet not being able to see a single one is just the saddest thing ever. #missSg P.S. this was taken off the pontoon at Lazarus Seringat-Kias in 2012.

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