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Monday, November 17, 2014

Rediscovering the piano.

Blogging way more than I really should be. I feel like I managed to get some things done this weekend at least, even though they're all more for graduate applications than present stuff so :/ But that and the research paper review are my main priorities now, with project next and catching up with lectures last. Dec hols is not going to be too much fun. I really have no idea how I got past the first two years without studying/revising at all until close to exam term – I am terrified now of how much work I need to do already.

Anyway, despite my moaning and griping about having to learn the piano for the best part of more than 10 years (6/7 till I was 17/18 I think), I am really glad I at least know how to read scores and can play some music. Thanks to my parents for pushing and me for having not enough guts to tell them I wanted to stop sometime around grade 5. I lasted all the way through 3 grade 8 failures. Though my current standard is definitely way lower than what it should be given how much time/money/effort that was invested in my earlier years. I even went to play some piano instead of climbing in the afternoon today. (Also it was raining and I was too lazy to travel to the sports centre)

2.5 weeks more to the official end of term, 3 weeks more till I leave Cambridge (and have to get all my submissions in arghh), 4 weeks more till I'm back home in Singapore. Absolutely can't wait to get home (but the deadlines are terrifying).

Absolutely heart-warming/waterworks-inducing advertisement. Or maybe I'm just getting too emotional.

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