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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Saving the world.

Really should be trying to finish my essay cos it's 1am and I haven't been getting much sleep the past few days (too much caffeine). But a short one before I forget what I wanted to say.

Read this article on international development and aid, shared on Facebook by my friend:

It's a bit long, but it's really well-written and worth the read. You'd think that we'd have realised by now that the world is not homogenous and that what works for one locality might not and probably would not work for others. But I guess we all want to find a quick solution and so scaling up and blanketing everyone with the supposed solution to 'save the world' sells.

Apart from trying to save the 'world' by blanketing all with the same 'solution', because people worldwide are not all the same, I think one also shouldn't try to sell saving the earth. Because it needs no saving.

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