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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Being back home has been more or less great. There's always food without having to prepare/go out to look for it, I just dump my laundry in the family communal basket, and I can go around in sleeveless and shorts without being cold at all. Getting to chat with family, and slowly meeting up with friends (most of whom I only get to see after the new year just cos of holiday schedules) and eating and everything.

But project is constantly weighing on my mind and being generally depressing. Still need to sort out my data, get it to work on QGIS/R, extract the information I need and run my models. Times like this I wish I were smarter/a programming whiz and could troubleshoot and figure out all my problems. I know, Google is my friend, and it usually is, but sometimes it's not, and then I'm stuck. And miserable.

Stayed up trying to figure out some horrible math and verify some of my data, and it's horrible cos I've forgotten all my math. But the joys of having friends in different discipline, I can now sleep happy knowing the answer. 30*0.8 yay. Thought it might be it but that seemed too simple but I guess not.

I doubt I've got time to revise the two modules from Michaelmas :(

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