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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

another resolution.

As I grapple with my Michaelmas term project (which I've griped about more than a few times here in the past few months), trying to get my model and report ready for submission in little more than a week, I realised how much I've/we've changed given the social media tools we have. Kinda always known/heard about it, but fully realised what it really meant.

I've spent 9 days out of the past 2.5 weeks modelling my results for the project, and because I don't quite understand the model I'm using/I'm shit at stats/my data is pretty crap, I can't seem to get a working/valid model (or understand its output). And every time I hit a modelling block (like now), there is that temptation to need to update my Facebook status/tweet/announce to the world at large about my modelling pains. Probably over the last 7/8 years of my existence on Facebook, I've whined about lots of things, and it's become a bad habit.

The past few times though, as I try to phrase my status update, I start wondering why do I feel the need to tell the world that, and what am I trying to achieve by it? There is probably the hope that perhaps some of my Facebook friends are familiar enough with the problem that they could help me solve it (which has happened on several occasions, thankful for the brilliant friends I have), but more often than not, I'm probably just trying to get sympathy and attention (also wondering how many people would misunderstand if I say "I'm giving up modelling, such a pain and I can't seem to get it right.").

So I decide not to post anything on social media, but the perceived need to whine though, is not satisfied, and I somehow feel unsettled if I don't let it out, so I whine to friends instead. Or blog, lol. But in the past, before social media allowed you to broadcast your every whim and feeling, people just sucked it up and moved on with their lives every time they had issues. So I think this year, I'm gonna try and repress the urge to whine (or whinge, in British slang) and kick the bad habit.

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