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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last 6 months.

I feel like finishing my Michaelmas term project deserves a blogpost. Yes, the whining about this project is finally over, as I print and bind and will soon submit the report. Only there is still the Lent term project that begins on Tuesday. Wouldn't say this project was my finest work, it's a bit depressing knowing that your entire project is pretty much not very useful because the quality of the data you can get is quite crap, but the skills learnt through the process were quite useful, and I did rather enjoy it (when I wasn't banging my head out of frustration)

It's just the start of Lent term of my final year. In part, I somewhat still feel like I'm on holiday, as lectures have only just started and supervisions haven't been scheduled yet. But I only just finished my project report – somehow Cambridge manages to turn studying into a year-long marathon, with little respite during the vacations. Though of course, vacation is still a lot more chill than term time, and I did enjoy my Christmas break in Singapore with family etc. Point is, I am finally done and there is suddenly the room in my brain to think about other matters! Like summer plans, driving lessons, Easter vacation plans and how to go about studying effectively for the rest of the academic year.

I wanna go on holiday nowwwwww. But no, 8 weeks of Cambridge term is all I get.
Also, I passed my driving theory test last Tuesday! :D

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