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Monday, January 12, 2015

this world's just crazy.

We live in a such an insane world.

It's an amazing fact that there is life on our planet, that we're just the right distance away from the sun, just the right size, of the right composition etc. etc. That from the formation of the universe and the solar system and the earth, came life. And from tiny microscopic 'simple' life forms, came a mind-blowing diversity of 'simple' and 'complex' life forms filling every space and niche on this planet. And simply, that we as humanity, are here.

Yet so many people don't seem to appreciate all that. It's really sad to wake up to headline after headline of a few, a dozen, hundreds, thousands killed by other humans. Thousands, mostly women, children and the elder, killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. But they get less press coverage than the dozen killed by extremists in Paris.  Maybe we're just desensitised to the horrors going on in these politically unstable countries, while we expect Paris to be a 'safe place'. And then just with the Paris attacks, first the condemnation of the attack on 'free speech', the 'JesuisCharlie' movement, along with more hate and phobia about the Islamic religion. Then the reverse, with more sensible voices about it not being about religion or Islam, and how we are conditioned to see things through certain lenses, because of the way media reports. Such a convoluted world.

Sighs, why can't we just have world peace? We don't have to agree on everything in the world, but we don't have to resort to violence, do we? It seems like humanity is bent on driving itself to extinction, through a combination of massacres, civil wars, terrorist attacks, destroying of habitats, climate change and whatever else. (Nah I don't actually think we'll be able to drive ourselves extinct by killing each other)

Anyway, in my first world problems, I've arrived safely and unpacked, only to find that I am missing my pillow. Also slept almost through the entire 13:50 hour flight and the 3:20 hour coach ride, but am still sleepy.

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