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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nat Sci pains.

Because we live in a different world.

'alien species'
Image taken from:

Image taken from:
Image taken from:

Was trying to Google information about 'alien species' (which I usually prefer to call invasives for that reason) for my essay, and typed 'Why have alien', and Google suggested 'not contacted us' amongst a host of other extraterrestrial-related questions.
Which reminded me about how I was whining about a really boring lecture on dating fossils, and realised that the word 'dating' usually means something different. And also when I wanted to whine about having had enough of modelling over Christmas. Fortunately/unfortunately I only do the 'boring' kind of modelling, which involves a lot of reading mathematical/computational texts, running codes repeatedly (because I'm fail) and general teeth-gnashing and head-bashing. But I generally do quite like modelling, once I understand it. Just not the kind that requires me to be in public eye.

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