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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Song for Sienna.

I discovered Brian Crain earlier in this academic year, and since then, he (and Yiruma) has been my companion when I attempt to study (because some studies suggest that 'plinky plonky' music help you concentrate best). It made me really miss playing the piano, something which was almost as constant in my childhood as going to church and studying was. So this academic year I've been to Peterhouse's music practice room to use the piano at least 4-5 times already as compared to none at all the first two years. I do miss the convenience of having my own piano at home which I can use any time I want (barring being a nuisance to neighbours).

Brian Crain's music is wonderfully soothing and emotive, and the song that I'm currently hooked on is Song for Sienna.

It's great music for when the snow is gently falling outside (that one time it did snow for more than 10 minutes), and when I just want to ponder life and not do any work. Which kinda defeats the point of study music probably.

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